117 tonnes over!

Overloading a truck to this degree is quite an achievement. It is hard to believe it is possible to overload a single trailer with the record-breaking weight of 171.3 tonnes, as it was when intercepted in Nairobi, Kenya.


The Kenyan Daily Nation newspaper reported the trailer was on its way to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Officially, it has a GCM of 54 tonnes, making it overloaded by 115.3 tonnes. Carrying construction materials, plastic basins and other items, it initially passed Mlolongo weighbridge at legal mass.


However, it was then driven to a nearby yard to be get more freight. At this point it was intercepted by police and sent back to the original weighbridge, when the authorities found the extent of the overloading. The report in the Nation suggests the owner of the truck is set to face a fine of just $3,276!


Getting load distribution right is also important, these examples are crazy:



Have they never heard of hungry boards?


Overload and this can happen: