5 Star dropped

It was always a big ask to add in the development of the 5 Star program onto all of the other problems the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator was going to solve in the next couple of years. This speech by Alannah McTiernan appears to be the only formal acknowledgement the scheme has bitten the dust.


Let’s hope it’s not the end of the concept. The basic idea is sound, to create an overlay over the existing accreditation schemes and other methods of recording trucking company behaviour, in order to give each operator an overall mark, a star rating. The rating would just be an aggregation of which boxes the business ticked, being part of NHVAS, Trucksafe etc. would build up brownie points, as would not getting pinged for overloading, speeding, fatigue issues, etc. etc.


Ron Finemore has long been an advocate of the basic idea and has pushed hard to get the scheme up. Unfortunately, even a campaigner as tenacious as Ron has seen the idea set aside in the face of the ongoing difficulties the Federal and State Governments, along with the NHVR, face in just getting a working national regulator and credible heavy vehicle accreditation system.