77 Lubricants

Preventative Maintenance is Vital

Newcomer to the lubricants market, 77 Lubricants, is a Dutch enterprise, now with an Australian face. In a modern lubricating oil plant in the Netherlands, 77 Lubricants manufactures lubricants and specialty lube products to meet or exceed the current original equipment manufacturer standards, and the standards of the international standards committees. 77 Lubricants is one of Europe’s largest independent lubrication brands and Torquepower is now introducing the brand to its customers in Australia.

For Torquepower, 77 Lubricants is a high-performance heavy-duty engine oil, designed for heavily loaded diesel engines in light and heavy commercial vehicles working under severe operating conditions. Torquepower thinks it is a natural fit for Cummins and other heavy-duty diesel engine operators.

With a production capacity of 130,000 tonnes of lubricants per year, the Dutch 77 Lubricant production facility has a storage capacity of 17 million litres across more than 60 liquid lubricant storage tanks and several packaged-product storage centres.

The facility is certified to ISO 9001 and relies on a fully equipped laboratory to ensure full compliance with product design requirements. All 77 Lubricant products are sold by local distributors and supported by the manufacturer to help ensure the best possible service experience for end-users.

77 Lubricants

The 77 Lubricant product – HDX 15W-40 – provides very good dispersion and detergency, high anti-foam, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties, excellent protection against bore polishing, and extended drain intervals.

The product exceeds Cummins’ recommended oil specifications (CES20077/CES20078).