A Safer Way to Load Cattle

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Here is a long time campaigner in the livestock transport industry, John Beer, talking about a safer way to load cattle using a new access landing system to avoid climbing on the trailers. A former Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association President, John is always looking for practical safety solutions and tells us more about it in his customary laconic way.

Meanwhile, up in Queensland, Frasers Livestock have come up with a neat solution to moving cattle across from trailer to another. It avoids stressful loading and unloading in a safer and more efficient way.

Here we have the European way of loading two decks of cattle. Not only are loading ramps the norm, but so are lifting cattle decks. The amount of extra equipment and sophisticated engineering actually on the trailer is very different from the kind of situation we see happening in Australia, where all of the extra equipment is built into the loading ramps.


Here we see the way pigs are loaded in Spain, with a complex lift system getting the batches of pigs to the various decks. One trailer of pigs loaded in an hour and seven minutes, is that quick?