A Trailer Like No Other

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This very interesting video shows genuinely shows us a trailer like no other. A number of these units have been designed and built by Ken Pitt, All Size Equipment Transport (ASET) Managing Director, and can be seeing plying their trade out the ASET base in South Australia.

The trailers designed and built by Ken and his team are widening, lengthening and have a goose neck at the front. This means they are very adaptable to a wide variety of loads, both those that pay well and those that pay less well.

This enables a higher utilisation rate, when compared to more highly specialised trailers, which are often only good for certain jobs. Being both lighter and lower means jobs can be done without a dolly, for example, or with a less restrictive permit or without a pilot.

With this platform, machinery can be driven directly onto the trailer. Then, the hydraulics can lift the legs and recreate the gooseneck, with the machinery in situ.

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