An Accident Waiting to Happen

The most distressing thing about this video is how normal everything is, how the truck is calmly heading down the road, not going too fast, then boom! This is the kind of video  drivers need to see on a regular basis, to remind them how close they come to a rollover everyday. There was nothing, no little kick on the steering wheel or adverse camber to make it happen. It was simply the laws of physics at work on a normal working day.


Rollovers are disastrous and do happen way too often. Experienced hands behind the wheel can drive within the limit consistently and avoid rollovers most of the time, but they do happen and they can happen very easily. Just watch this video again, it’s scary just how unlikely a rollover seems, even a split second before it goes over.


Here are some other rollovers, a bit more predictable and with a language warning: