Approved On Board Mass System

approved on board mass system

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has announced the first type-approved on board mass system. The Loadman Australia system has gained the tick of approval to assure both truck operators, but, importantly regulators of the validity of a truck’s mass read-out.

“Loadman Australia has worked closely with Loadman in the United States to develop an OBM System capable of meeting TCA’s performance requirements,” said Frank Parker, LoadMass Managing Director. “To obtain type-approval, we made enhancements to the LM300 Can-Coder product which we’ve been offering to Australian customers since 2009. 

“The enhancements focused on reliability and accuracy, including updated methods for system installation and calibration, to meet TCA’s requirements, as well as meeting the needs of our customers across a range of uses.

“Meeting TCA’s performance requirements ensures our customers can purchase a product which has been evaluated independently and meets the highest standards for on-board mass systems for use in heavy vehicles.”

The Loadman system which has been approved has been running in fleets since 2009. Loadman are already fitting equipment able to take the OBM functionality to the next category level, a sysstem capable of communicating the mass live to the authorities and able to store data onboard for later auditing.


approved on board mass system


Chris Koniditsiotis, TCA CEO, said, “Loadmass is to be congratulated for being the first to market with a type-approved OBM System.”

OBM Systems are often referred to as on-board weigh scales or electronic weighing systems, and are widely used across the surface transport sector for commercial, contractual and regulatory purposes.

There are three categories of type-approved OBM Systems (Categories A, B and C) which meet the needs of different stakeholders. Category A OBM Systems electronically display mass information to drivers and/or loaders.

“All categories of type-approval are subject to an assessment of the performance-based requirements contained in the OBM System Functional and Technical Specification, comprising the accuracy, reliability and robustness – as well as tamper evidence and security relevant to the type-approval category – of OBM Systems,” said Chris.

“TCA type-approval also extends to a business and probity assessment of OBM System suppliers, which verifies the capacity of suppliers to meet the expectations of consumers and end-users.

“With OBM Systems serving many end user needs, type-approval caters for a range of uses without being hardwired to one policy need.”


approved on board mass system