ARC scales up with Loadman

Loadman Australia has raised the bar with its latest on-board scale systems which utilise up-to-the-minute Can-Bus technology.

The new products were developed to meet the increasing demand for multi-combination and PBS (performance based standards) vehicle applications, with consideration of future requirements for on-board mass monitoring of vehicles operating under the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

The innovative solution was recently supplied to ARC Transport (via Moore Trailers) for an AB-triple roadtrain. The system fitted to this vehicle has the Loadman LM200 meter with RS-232 and Bluetooth outputs included with an on-board printer and an Android mobile phone app utilised as a portable hand-held display while loading.

The printed weight readings include date and time with separate GCM and axle group weights along with trailer ID for the combination. The display and printed information is simply changed to payload mass by the operator when and if required.

According to Loadman, on-board weighing of multi-combination vehicles has been a challenge because most systems are typically limited to four channels (axle groups) per in-cab display. Currently the Loadman Can-Bus system can weigh six axle groups plus the steer and additional capability is under development.

The new Can-Bus technology is said to be particularly suitable for multi-combinations in which trailers are regularly substituted. That’s because the trailer ID capability automatically recognises changes in the configuration and scales the trailers accordingly.

Air sensor input for both single and dual ride height air suspensions is another feature, although the product is not limited to air suspension systems. With Loadman’s extensive range of load cell technology as well as hydraulic transducers there is a system available for most applications.

Loadman Australia also offers a complete GPS tracking system to complement its digital on-board scales. With a range of well-known brands available from multiple suppliers, the company can offer a wide variety of on-board scale system design options.

For more information visit or contact Loadman Australia on 1300 LOADMAN.