Aussie-Style A-double Concept Appearing in Europe

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With an announcement from car maker SEAT and transport operation Grupo Sesé there is an Aussie-style A-double concept appearing in Europe. The truck runs on the roads of North West Spain transporting car components for the car maker SEAT.

The pilot test is designed to analyse the performance of the two trailer combination, the largest and most efficient freight delivery truck now driving on motorways in Europe. The test journey is running from Zaragoza to the SEAT headquarters in Martorell and will continue in upcoming months while transporting components.

The A-double (called the duo trailer in Spain) features two 13.60 metre long trailers pulled by a Scania prime mover, giving it a total length of 31.70 metres and a maximum payload capacity of 70 tonnes. In total, it enables a reduction in CO2 emissions of 20 per cent per trip and a 25 per cent decrease in the logistics costs of transporting components, results that these tests intend to verify. 


Aussie-Style A-double Concept Appearing in Europe


“The duo trailer has the capacity to reduce by 50 per cent the number of trucks on the road, and this implies huge benefits in terms of sustainability, environmental responsibility, safety and efficiency,” said Dr. Christian Vollmer , SEAT Vice-President for Production and Logistics. “Innovation is at the core of SEAT and these tests are in the same spirit that led us to bring the mega truck (an extra long semi) to Spain two years ago in partnership with Grupo Sesé.”

This research is expected to produce a report outlining the performance and benefits of this new vehicle in regards to emissions reduction, efficiency and road safety, with the aim of getting the combination legislated in Spain. 

“The added advantage of this means of transport to reducing road accidents and emissions and cost savings is its versatility and the way it promotes multimodality and improves efficiency and sustainability,” said Ángel Pueyo, Grupo Sesé Managing Director.

This isn’t the first time SEAT and Grupo Sesé have experimented with concepts borrowed from Australian trucking. Two years ago they introduced the Mega Truck in Spain, a B-double measuring 25.5 metres long that until now was, at the time, the longest, most sustainable vehicle driving on Spanish roads. See video footage below: