Australia Post invests for the future

Australia Post has announced it will invest more than $2 billion to transform its national logistics network and deliver a new range of digital services.

The company’s managing director, Ahmed Fahour, said the investment was critical for Australia Post to keep pace with the country’s increasing demand for parcel services.

“This is the single largest investment in the network in Australia Post’s more than 200 year history and will significantly expand the capacity of our parcels network, making it world class,” Fahour said. “This $2 billion investment in modernising our parcels and retail network and the launch of our new digital channel, the Australia Post Digital MailBox later this month, are aimed at future-proofing our business and underpinning our ability to deliver the services Australians want, need and can afford into the future.

“Over the next four years, this investment will ensure Australian consumers and businesses have real choice and convenience in parcel delivery, thanks to improved automation and tracking technology.

“Continued investment in 24/7 parcel lockers and retail superstores will also mean that by 2014, 80 percent of Australians in metropolitan areas will be within 10 minutes drive of an after-hours parcel collection location,” Ahmed concluded.