Australian Icons

When the world thinks about Australia and trucks, this is the image which comes to mind for many. The big trucks with GCMs way beyond anything on a public road elsewhere are a symbol of the Aussie trucking industry’s can-do spirit in the face of the conditions and tasks we face. Big bangers pulling lots of trailers defines our country.


One of the knock on effects of this obsession with big trucks is the fact we have so many truck manufacturers choosing to compete in our market. We have many more brands than most of the world, and they are fighting for market share in, what is, a relatively small truck market, nearly 30,000 trucks a year, but way below the number achieved in the US, Europe and Japan.


The thing is, every chief executive or board chairman at a major truck manufacturer feels the need to have a large framed photo in their boardroom of one of their prime movers hauling multiple trailers in an outback location, with plenty of dust kicked up off the dirt road.


Here’s more of the heat haze and dust we are famous for: