Tim Giles

opportunities to improve health

Opportunities, to Improve Health

A Monash University study, done in partnership with Linfox and the Transport Workers Union, takes a more holistic approach, to identify opportunities to improve health and wellbeing amongst truck drivers, the study seeks to characterise the nature of injury and disease more broadly. The team are looking beyond road crashes and into things like mental health conditions, back pain and hearing loss which are all areas of major concern in truck drivers.

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load management one stop shop

Load Management One Stop Shop

Since the company’s inception over twenty years ago, Silverback has grown to become a supplier of all load restraint needs to road transport operators, a load management one stop shop.

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legislated freight rates are on the cards

Legislated Freight Rates are on the Cards

In the wake of the Transport Industry Standards Forum convened by Senator Glenn Sterle at Parliament House in Canberra, it looks like legislated freight rates are on the cards, if a Labor Government is formed after the coming federal election.

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knowledge is power

Knowledge is Power

Perth’s road transport operators have been identified as the key to solving Perth’s growth challenges and, in keeping with the adage ‘knowledge is power’, transport and courier companies are being asked to provide data for a new study of logistics in the city.

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a vital link in the Australian economy

Why Safety is Vital in the Truck Industry Nowadays

Road transport and the truck industry forms a vital link in the Australian economy, and includes road freight transport and road passenger transport. The industry grew by more than 16 per cent between 2003 to 2015, and continues to grow in 2019. 

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a bigger B-triple

A Bigger B-triple

At the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator PBS demonstration event in Portland this week a new groundbreaking combination hits the streets, it’s a bigger B-triple, a lot bigger at 42 metres long and with a GCM of 82.5 tonnes. The much increased length means this combination suits high cube loading and will be going into service with Direct Freight Express as soon as the demo day is over.

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women, it’s a culture thing

Women, It’s a Culture Thing

People are always talking about the low number of women in the trucking industry and when you ask a lot of women, it’s a culture thing, which is stopping their participation. Most women do not want to be part of a boys club.

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