Tim Giles

technology hype

Technology Hype

I sometimes wonder whether we are all getting caught up in a lot of high technology hype, getting carried away with autonomous electric trucks et al. Every day there is some new electric or fuel cell truck, a new technology is going to revolutionise trucks and trucking overnight.

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women changing trucking

Women Changing Trucking

Here we see a video about women changing trucking. If they are, it is a slow and painful process, working through the male domination which characterises our industry. This video first appeared on the SBS news show, The Feed.

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a trend across the trucking industry

A Trend Across the Trucking Industry

If anything, the introduction of the Western Star 5800FE is an indication of a trend across the trucking industry. Truck operators are, finally, starting to really care about fuel consumption and will buy trucks accordingly. In the past some were fuel oriented and others paid lip service to lower fuel use, without wanting to compromise on truck styling and driver acceptance.

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immediate review of PBS

Immediate Review of PBS

An immediate review of PBS standards is to take place and there is one to be carried out every seven years by the NHVR. All of the new technologies which have appeared since the scheme began ten years ago are to be considered. There is also a call to look at the ongoing tyre issues for PBS operators. 

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an American truck and also clearly a modern truck

An American Truck and Also Clearly a Modern Truck

Looking at the International ProStar as it re-enters the Australian truck market, this is clearly an American truck and also clearly a modern truck, but there are also enough cues to the traditional design of trucks, to keep a retro feel. The US, it seems, will never move away from the maxi-brake, no matter how old hat it becomes. A modern electronic switch can have just as many failsafe systems.

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a female reached the finals for the first time

A Female Reached the Final for the First Time

Recently, at the Hino Hino National Skills Contest, a female reached the finals for the first time, as the sales, parts and service people competed, showing off their skills in servicing trucks, identifying parts and selling them.

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highway hero honoured

Highway Hero Honoured

Moama based truck driver, Brett Hood became the latest highway hero honoured, becoming the fourth recipient for 2018 of the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian honour after saving a woman’s life through his prompt actions at a crash site in mid-October.

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drivers don’t seek medical help

Drivers Don’t Seek Medical Help

An ongoing problem within the trucking industry is truck drivers don’t seek medical help when living with untreated medical issues. A recent study illustrates the problem of under-reported health problems in the workforce.

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Christmas is coming

Christmas is Coming

It’s a sure sign Christmas is coming when the first Coca Cola Christmas truck video pops up on YouTube and this year it’s from Australia, caught by an observant couple somewhere unspecified, probably Sydney.

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Cummins resolve to optimise its engines

Cummins Resolve to Optimise its Engines

Products specifically tailored to each application demonstrate Cummins resolve to optimise its engines to the specific requirements of customers in the B-double segment as well as those in the vocational sector. This is a complex and multi-facetted task, but according to Mike Fowler it is an essential element of Cummins’ ongoing commitment to giving its customers the best solutions for their specific needs.

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