Tim Giles

robo delivery concept

Robo Delivery Concept

Renault brings its robo delivery concept to life with Renault EZ-PRO, an autonomous delivery design featuring shared customisable robo-pods, which use a field-based human ‘concierge’ for special deliveries and driverless robo-pod fleet management.

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moving PBS forward

Moving PBS Forward

The concept of Performance Based Standards was always regarded as a great idea, since it came into existence it has failed to live up to the grand expectations many in the industry had for it and it has been hard moving PBS forward. Diesel News looks at the latest review of the scheme.

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European brands are known for a comfortable ride

European Brands are Known for a Comfortable Ride

While the European brands are known for a comfortable ride and relative technological supremacy over North American counterparts, many were underpowered and slow in comparison and in an era when horsepower was king, this largely prevented them from being accepted by many operators back in the day.

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keeping drivers healthy, happy and here

Keeping Drivers Healthy, Happy and Here

They are the main component in any trucking operation, but often can be taken for granted, but keeping drivers healthy, happy and here is important. Drivers are one of the elements which can make or break a company, getting it right with drivers is vital.

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everything is different in WA

Everything is Different in WA

This week I sat in on a meeting in Perth of the great and the good in the freight industry and was regularly told how everything is different in WA. As the group ploughed through the problems and possible solutions for trucking in Western Australia I was struck by how similar the problems are that we face all over Australia, not how different they are.

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, but here's my Diesel Workshop Hot Tip

Diesel Workshop Hot Tip

When I first started in this industry, there was a prevailing view that you didn’t need equipment to be efficient. That buying equipment was just an unnecessary expense, but here’s my Diesel Workshop Hot Tip. It is unbelievable that people did not take up the ‘work smarter not harder’ mantra right from the start. 

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first time for a truck made outside of Europe

First Time for a Truck Made Outside of Europe

The announcement of the winner of the International Truck of the Year has the prize awarded for the first time for a truck made outside of Europe. The new F-Max, produced by Ford Trucks in Turkey, has been elected International Truck of the Year for 2019 by a jury of 23 commercial vehicle editors and senior journalists, representing 23 major trucking magazines from throughout Europe. 

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Volkswagen are closer to becoming a global truck player

Volkswagen are Closer to Becoming a Global Truck Player

With the announcement of an extended deal between Traton and Hino, Volkswagen are closer to becoming a global truck player. Traton is the new name for the current Volkswagen truck making group, which includes Scania, MAN, VW Trucks in South America and an increasing holding in Navistar in the US.

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fix a problem with common sense

Fix a Problem With Common Sense

A long running wrangle in Melbourne’s Inner West over truck access should reduce in intensity with the VTA and MTAG able to fix a problem with common sense. The Victorian Transport Association and the Maribyrnong Truck Action Group have sat down together and come up with an agreement to allow accredited trucks more access to the roads around the Port of Melbourne while curtailing access for unaccredited trucks.

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road assessment breakthrough

Road Assessment Breakthrough

The access issues which have dogged the Performance Based Standards scheme and permits for larger trucks or over size and over mass may see a road assessment breakthrough if a new joint initiative from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the Australian Road Research Board proves effective.

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