Automotive skills development

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A new survey is looking for feedback on the performance of Auto Skills Australia (ASA). The body responsible for the development and maintenance of nationally accredited automotive training qualifications in Australia is interested in finding how well focused its services are and how well they tie in with stakeholder needs.


ASA is funded by the Federal Department of Industry with a focus on developing the skills capacity in the automotive industry. It works with industry bodies, unions and enterprises to ensure that workforce development plans equip automotive businesses with the skills needed for today and for the future.


The agency has the job of reviewing and maintaining national training standards for the automotive industry. Its job is to ensure national qualifications are industry led, have a wide range of inputs in their design and can support the skill needs of the industry.


ASA has created a series of specialist industry sector advisory groups, including heavy truck workshops. These oversee the qualifications development work and take into account stakeholder consultation in the qualifications development process.


These industry-led groups establish the priorities and assist in linking the organisation to enterprises, associations, unions and national bodies. Individuals and enterprises from all sectors and levels of the industry are encouraged to participate in the activities of ASA and its committees.


ASA has developed the annual Automotive Environmental Scan (e-scan). The data from the e-scan, along with industry advice, provides direction on emerging skill, labour and technology trends in the industry and indicates the degree to which national qualifications are being used to support skill development in the workplace.


As part of this information gathering process the ASA is asking all of those involved in truck workshops around Australia to become part of the process and participate in an online survey.