Back in Time

Nothing here but pure nostalgia. This B-Model Mack is still running interstate and is shown in this beautifully realised video traveling through the Bendigo area. The truck dates from 1963 and is owned by Glenn Reedman, running a load from South West Victoria across to Ballina on the NSW Far North Coast. The Mack is now fitted with a Maxidyne 237 driving through a Quadbox. Originally owned by Norgate Transport in Townsville, the truck also features the wonderful double sleeper, or more correctly, a double swag rolled out on a rack slung under the trailer.

It seems quite amazing someone can still ply their trade as an interstate truckie with a vehicle which is well over 50 years old. You have to be a dedicated enthusiast to work with a truck like this in the modern age. Although it’s great to see these grand old trucks still out one the road, I think I will pass on driving a truck like this these days. I still have the bad back to prove I was driving similar trucks back in the seventies!

Here’s what it’s like in the cabin. Are you still sure you want to go back to the good old days? However, I must admit, there’s nothing like the sound of the air starter firing up.

For all of you nostalgia freaks, heres’s another Mack, a B67, still hauling grain in the US: