Big Data & Integrated Technology Are Key To A Successful Fleet

Big Data & Integrated Technology Are Key To A Successful Fleet


Running a transport business comes with its own unique set of challenges. Whether it’s keeping the day-to-day going, supporting your team, ensuring vehicle upkeep or job management, providing a high level of customer service all while running a modern transport company gets complicated. Telematics is a great way to successfully manage operations and improve on compliance efforts, productivity and profitability. A recent survey found that 60 per cent of transport companies felt greater peace of mind with telematics installed in their vehicles. 

This isn’t surprising. Big data has huge potential in the transport industry. Yet many businesses continue to roll out different solutions across multiple providers, leading to data being funnelled to you in a way that doesn’t make much sense – it can make it difficult to track the information you’re specifically after. It’s only when you invest in an all-in-one solution that integrates with the right external solutions that you get the most out of fleet data without the headache.

A one-stop data shop 

How your system collects and makes use of data plays a huge role in determining the success of your business. Combining compliance, such as setting up real-time alerts for speeding that helps drivers be safer on the road, with elements of GPS vehicle tracking to give customers accurate ETAs is a huge boost. Telematics gives you an easy way to turn your daily outputs into actionable insights. Letting you make more informed decisions quickly and easily.

With expansion top of mind for many operators, it’s crucial that the tools you have in place are the best fit possible for you and for your growing business. Having an integrated platform provides your business, drivers and back office staff with everything they need to work effectively. In-vehicle monitoring systems, location management, compliance, jobs and reporting from one screen means the information is easily accessible.

Playing nice with others

If you have other business systems in place, such as freight management or resource planning tools, it can be a full-time job to cross reference data from those solutions. It leaves room for human error and duplication of information across the business. Merging these external systems with an integrated telematics solution makes it easier to manage different aspects of the business at once. Operations are able to check in on a vehicle’s location in real-time while the customer is on the phone. Compliance officers are able to see a driver’s fatigue status instantly. Accounts are able to complete payroll with higher accuracy based on driver work and rest hours. Allocators are able to create runsheets and schedule instantly to drivers.

Having technology is only half the battle when it comes to seeing the true potential to your business. Cherry picking the cheapest solutions from a handful of providers means a lot of back and forth and confusion. A single integrated system not only gives you the services you need but also connects with other systems you have in place for easy management. True productivity comes from being able to communicate effectively and integration is how technology communicates best.