Bigger Van in a New Configuration

Renault is offering a bigger van in a new configuration. The Renault van product has grown to be a major part of the French car-makers sales in Australia. For example, while the Renault Trafic van sold just over 200 in 2007, it is expected to top ten times that amount in 2017, at over 2,000.

Now, as interest in the brand continues to rise, Renault are expanding the number of options available to the van buyer. One of the recent additions is the Trafic Crew Cab.

The Crew Cab is a further adaptation of the current long wheel based van, adding another dimension to the range. By adding a second row of seats the van has the seating of a family car but still retains four cubic metres of cargo space, behind the bulkhead.

The cargo space left with the second row of seats means this van is capable of carrying a substantial load and have five people travelling in the front in comfort, or six, with a bit of a squeeze on the front seats.

Payload remains over one tonne as well. Power comes from the same twin turbo diesel used in all of the Trafic models. Renault claim the 80 litre fuel tank gives this model a range of over 1,000km.

In front of the shaped and contoured bulkhead the rear row of three seats is fitted with three point seatbelts and headrests. This is not a bench crammed into a limited space, but as roomy as the rear of a typical family SUV.

“Irrespective of the specification, the new Trafic Crew provides a practical, easy-to-drive multi-seat van solution for Australian customers, with the reassurance of factory build quality and our comprehensive and lengthy warranty,” says Lyndon Healey, Senior Model Line Manager at Renault LCV. “The multi-seat van segment accounts for around 850 vehicles per year, or up to six percent of the van market. We are confident the Trafic Crew will quickly establish itself with buyers seeking additional passenger carrying capacity.

“This is a fully engineered solution, with thoughtful touches designed to enhance the passenger experience. The rear row of seats is spacious allowing plenty of leg room and is wide enough for three-abreast seating, complete with handy aircraft-style armrests.”

Out on the highway driving the Trafic is a pleasure. This is a well balanced design which drives like a car and handles cornering solidly. The way the van sits well on the road does help the driver become more relaxed about the task at hand.