Blame the truck

There’s statistics and then there are damn lies. The road crash stats consistently show accidents involving trucks are over represented in the numbers. What is not made clear, is how often the other vehicle is to blame. This video is a typical example of an accident involving a heavy vehicle, the car loses control spins in front of the truck and gets hit. Very clear where the blame lies.


Now watch the same accident from behind the truck. A completely different perspective and all we see is a truck running into the back of a car, Who’s to blame?


This one is a bit more clear cut. The car shoots out in front of a truck and the inevitable occurs. Probably appears in the news as ‘Truck hits car’.


This is not to say the truck is never to blame. This video is a salutary lesson in load restraint


On a slightly different topic, this point of view video gives us a clear idea of the perils of driving an 8×4 truck in the tight confines of Central London. Constantly on the lookout, the driver knows being there is simply an accident waiting to happen: