Brian Pulls a Big One

The latest Volvo stunt video includes a starring appearance by one of Diesel Magazine’s regular contributors. The video has Euro Bureau correspondent, Brian Weatherley, in a top power Volvo FH16 prime mover pulling a road train loaded with a number of double stacked containers.


The video is pinpointing a new development from Volvo, the new heavy haulage, low crawler gears available in the I-Shift AMT fitted to the FH model in the video. The new gearbox fills a gap in the offering from the Swedish truck maker, which has seen them lose out to truck makers like Mercedes Benz in the extreme heavy haulage market in Europe.


Benz have been offering a 625hp new shape Actros and Arocs 4163 fitted with a 15.6 litre-engine and four-axles, equipped with a Turbo Retarder Clutch and 16-speed PowerShift 3 auto, to handle the biggest heavy haulage tasks in Europe.


The new I-Shift with the lower crawler gears is said to make it possible to set off with a gross combination mass of up to 325 tonnes. This is unique for a series-produced truck, according to Volvo.


“We already know that I-Shift with crawler gears can haul really heavy loads,” said Peter Hardin, Product Manager FM and FMX, Volvo Trucks. “With this challenge, we want to demonstrate the transmission’s immense capacity and show what the new crawler ratios can accomplish.”


When the new video is released, it will reveal how many tonnes Magnus Samuelsson, former winner of the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ competition, and Diesel’s Brian Weatherley can pull in test conditions in the Port of Gothenburg.


“Attempting to move off from standstill with such a heavy load, like we’re doing here, is an immensely tough challenge for a regular series-produced truck with automated transmission,” said Brian Weatherley. “In my 30 years as a trucking journalist, I’ve never witnessed anything like it.”


Look out for Brian’s analysis of the new transmission in the next issue of Diesel Magazine.