Building for the Future

This is how you build a truck dealership. The video shows the construction of a new facility on a green field site in Queensland by Kenworth and DAF dealers, Brown and Hurley.

Often in business, there are two possible ways of looking at the future. You can either take a short term gain approach, or take a long term view on where you are going, and build for the future. Unsurprisingly, those enterprises which take on the more considered long term philosophy also tend to hang around for a long time.

Brown and Hurley is one of those family companies, which seem to have been around forever. After 70 years of trading, they are investing in the future at a time when the truck market is going through a bit of a lull.  Their Paccar dealerships are now scattered right across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. This video is the latest addition to the family, a larger truck dealership in Caboolture, just north of Brisbane. This is the ninth location to be opened by Brown and Hurley and follows a basic design, developed by the company to give their dealerships a similar look and feel no matter which location you visit.