‘Cashing in’ on auditor qualification

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Incorrect information sent to National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme auditors. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator says it has moved to clarify the requirements around the NHVAS auditor training and qualifications.


This announcement follows the NHVR becoming aware of incorrect information being sent to auditors to promote paying for qualifications and courses, which are not necessary to be registered as an NHVAS Approved Auditor. The criteria to be an NHVAS Approved Auditor is set out in the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards (Section 14).


“These are the only requirements applicable to becoming an auditor and any material suggesting otherwise is incorrect,” said Geoff Casey, NHVR Executive Director Productivity and Safety.


Changes to the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards were made earlier this year and standardised the way audits were conducted with the intention of strengthening the quality of auditors and audits. The NHVR says it has now delivered NHVAS Auditor Technical Competency courses in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane to almost 100 people this year.


Casey said the success and positive feedback from the NHVR courses should not be tarnished by organisations looking to ‘cash in’ on courses and qualifications incorrectly promoted as ‘necessary’ to become an NHVAS Approved Auditor.


The NHVR has reminded the industry it has produced a NHVAS Auditor Registration Information sheet which outlines the process to become registered with the NHVR as an NHVAS Approved Auditor. The NHVAS Business Rules and Standards and NHVAS Auditor Registration Information sheet can be viewed on the NHVR website.


Furthermore, the NHVR has urged anyone contacted by organisations offering training on behalf of the NHVR to seek clarification and contact them directly on 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487) or email info@nhvr.gov.au