continually adapting and modifying

Continually Adapting and Modifying

As such, the Vacvator company could be described as a serial innovator, continually adapting and modifying its products in line with customer requests and the latest best-practice designs. This helps ensure the products are always at the top of the tree.   Read more

diversity and experience

Diversity and Experience

At T&M Heavy Mechanical and Site Services, diversity and experience underpins the success of the West Australian truck repairs and haulage business.  Read more

an ongoing issue in the trucking industry

An Ongoing Issue in the Trucking Industry

The disconnection between the type of braking systems available, globally, and the regulations in Australia which specify brake performance has been an ongoing issue in the trucking industry. The introduction of mandatory electronic braking systems (EBS) is having the effect of bringing the legislation up to date with the technology. Read more

getting ready for intelligent trailers

Getting Ready for Intelligent Trailers

The trucking industry is now in the process of getting ready for intelligent trailers as a result of the upcoming mandating of stability control systems on all new trailers. Wabco has been engaging with the industry to ensure that diesel workshops and road transport fleets are familiar with the latest developments, utilising its Intelligent Trailer Program (ITP).  Read more

top tech awards at the TMC

Top Tech Awards at the TMC

This week saw the truck top tech awards at the TMC, the Castrol Vecton Awards Dinner, as part of the annual Technical and Maintenance Conference, held in Melbourne at the Automotive Centre of Excellence at Kangan Batman TAFE rewards the technical teams in trucking for dedication and innovation. Read more

halving the time to change brake rotors

Halving the Time to Change Brake Rotors

Every workshop is looking for solutions which save time on a task and no-one would walk away from halving the time to change brake rotors. Usually, if time can be saved it can also make the job safer and easier. That is certainly the case for workshops adopting the Brakemate System. Read more

maintaining correct tyre pressure

Maintaining Correct Tyre Pressure

There are many well understood benefits of maintaining correct tyre pressure. The air inside tyre provides internal forces necessary for the tyre to perform as intended. Despite this many tyres are operated outside of their recommended pressure for various reasons. It can be challenging to maintain tyres particularly on commercial vehicles. Checking pressures takes time and requires access to vehicles that often don’t stay still for long.  Read more

gate based tyre pressure monitoring system

Gate Based Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Bridgestone launched a new gate based tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show, designed to enhance and strengthen its Total Tyre Management model. The new gate tyre pressure monitoring technology is being introduced to the Australian and New Zealand market, offering return-to-depot applications, such as metro delivery, refuse, construction and bus fleets, more regular and efficient pressure checks, in turn reducing the risk of tyre related break downs.  Read more

how serious are we about fuel economy?

The Diesel Storage Debate: Poly versus Steel

Now may be the time to run through the pros and cons to help in the diesel storage debate: poly versus steel. Around the world, especially throughout Europe, polyethylene tanks dominate steel when it comes to storing 10,000 litres or less of diesel. However, Australia lags behind in its take-up. This is rapidly changing due to some significant and key advantages a poly tank has over steel, especially within the Australian environment. Read more