how serious are we about fuel economy?

The Diesel Storage Debate: Poly versus Steel

Now may be the time to run through the pros and cons to help in the diesel storage debate: poly versus steel. Around the world, especially throughout Europe, polyethylene tanks dominate steel when it comes to storing 10,000 litres or less of diesel. However, Australia lags behind in its take-up. This is rapidly changing due to some significant and key advantages a poly tank has over steel, especially within the Australian environment. Read more

Meritor brake shoe kits and drive heads  available as Meritor Genuine

Meritor components available as Meritor Genuine

Customers familiar with the Meritor product offering  may have noticed subtle changes to packaging as the global axle and braking giant reminds customers it is an original equipment provider to some of the world’s biggest truck brands and makes Meritor components available as Meritor Genuine.  The company, which is a leading producer of axles, brakes and drivelines for heavy commercial vehicles, has made some branding changes designed to send a clear message to customers about the quality of the products they are fitting to their vehicles Meritor brake shoe kits and drive heads will now be branded as genuine. Read more

what’s Tru-Shu all about?

What’s Tru-Shu All About?

Anyone visiting the Brisbane Truck Show earlier this year would have seen the scrum around the Tru-Shu stand and may not have had the time at a busy show to have investigated further, Diesel Workshop has asked, what’s Tru-Shu all about?

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maximising the life of components

Maximising the Life of Components

Simple maintenance regimes and regular checks can be useful tools to an operator maximising the life of components. It is possible to get well beyond the two year warranty provided on all Jost tipping cylinders.  Read more

getting wheel bearing adjustment right

Getting Wheel Bearing Adjustment Right

Loose wheel bearings mean that not getting wheel bearing adjustment right can cause adverse effects such as; negative camber, irregular tyre wear, tapered wear on brake shoes, premature hub seal failure, and persistent ABS faults.  Read more

go to the experts for transmission repair

Go to the Experts for Transmission Repair

ZF Transmissions recommends that when it comes to commercial vehicles transmission troubleshooting, operators should go to the experts for transmission repair. The cause of errors can be diverse and ZF Aftermarket provides step-by-step instructions on truck transmission repairs. Read more

Alemlube EL Series Lube Equipment

Alemlube EL Series Lube Equipment

Responding to changing needs and trends in the marketplace Alemlube has added Alemlube EL Series Lube Equipment, a limited range of lower priced Workshop Lube Equipment, to their already extensive product range. Read more

pushing out the oil drains

Pushing Out the Oil Drains

When a new oil is being developed it is not until it has been trialled in the real world and in realistic conditions that its effectiveness is proven and this is particularly true when talking about pushing out the oil drains. The latest Vecton formula from Castrol has been running with Gilbert’s Transport Service across Central Australia and AHG Refrigerated Logistics on long remote haul routes. Read more

upcoming fuel economy technologies

Upcoming Fuel Economy Technologies

At the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations, what Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, found the most interesting was an Eaton roll out of upcoming fuel economy technologies that included NO products or services. It was fascinating for that. Read more