, but here's my Diesel Workshop Hot Tip

Diesel Workshop Hot Tip

When I first started in this industry, there was a prevailing view that you didn’t need equipment to be efficient. That buying equipment was just an unnecessary expense, but here’s my Diesel Workshop Hot Tip. It is unbelievable that people did not take up the ‘work smarter not harder’ mantra right from the start. 

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keep the wheels turning

Keep the Wheels Turning

As always, the best facility in the world is only as good as the staff who keep the wheels turning and, in this respect, Gold Coast Isuzu appears to have all bases covered. Diesel Workshop spoke with three key people, General Manager Andrew Purvis, Service Manager Greg Robbins and Spare Parts manager Steve Picton. 

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a new cleaner Jake Brake for Europe

A New Cleaner Jake Brake for Europe

Jacobs Vehicle Systems, known for its diesel engine retarding systems and valve actuation systems, has a new cleaner Jake Brake for Europe. It is introducing its new Cylinder Deactivation (CDA) technology to the European market at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, next week.

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live drive Allison transmissions

Live Drive Allison Transmissions

Commercial vehicles such as refuse compactors, concrete agitators, tippers, fire truck pumpers, or a hydraulic crane arm often feature specialised equipment to perform specific tasks often use live drive Allison transmissions. This equipment typically needs to take power from the engine to operate hydraulic or mechanical equipment, whilst the vehicle is moving. 

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approved on board mass system

Approved On Board Mass System

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has announced the first type-approved on board mass system. The Loadman Australia system has gained the tick of approval to assure both truck operators, but, importantly regulators of the validity of a truck’s mass read-out.

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going for gold

Going for Gold

Isuzu in Australia is going for gold, as it is fast approaching an unprecedented 30 years as Australia’s overall truck market leader. There are two distinct reasons for this protracted period of market domination. First and foremost is the quality and durability of the products it sells, closely followed by the outstanding customer service and product support provided by its many dedicated dealerships across the length and breadth of this great country. 

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tyre pressure can affect your bottom line

Tyre Pressure Can Affect Your Bottom-Line

With a continued focus on increased productivity, fleets and owner operators are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and increase up-time and need to know tyre pressure can affect your bottom line. As tyres are one of the major expenses in the transport industry, getting the most out of your tyres is essential. 

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increased risk of fires in the engine compartment

Fogmaker Fire Suppression Systems

Truck fires are increasing year on year. With greater environmental demands for lower emissions, the engine temperatures and engine pressures are increasing. This provides an increased risk of fires in the engine compartment. Statistics released by NTI for 2017 indicate that over 60 per cent of truck fire occur in the engine compartment / cabin.

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the common causes of fires in trucks and trailers

The Common Causes of Fires in Trucks and Trailers

According to research, fire is the cause of truck accidents in nearly eight per cent of cases, today Diesel News looks at the common causes of fires in trucks and trailers. This places fire behind causes like inappropriate speed, fatigue, driver error and accidents with no discernible cause, but fire is more prevalent a cause than mechanical failure, theft and contributory negligence.

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top tech taking the trophy home

Top Tech Taking the Trophy Home

At the 2018 Detroit Master Technician by Penske Power Systems, the top tech taking the trophy home was David Willis, a leading hand from Chipping Norton. David narrowly outperformed five other finalists in the annual skills and diagnostics contest held in Brisbane last week.

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