Eaton and Cummins Getting Closer

Eaton and Cummins Getting Closer

This video from the US shows us Eaton and Cummins getting closer as they offer a more integrated driveline to US truck buyers. This particular AMT has just gone on sale in the US and is not destined to appear here for some time.


The gearbox is part of a comprehensive program where Eaton and Cummins are working very closely together to come up with a fully integrated package. The engine and transmission communicate seamlessly with each other and with whichever truck they are fitted into.


Both Eaton and Cummins have seen a series of developments in the US truck market making it more and more obvious the future for many truck buyers is to look at buying trucks with a proprietary driveline.


Volvo, Mack, Freightliner and Western Star are all available as a truck with a chassis, engine and gearbox all supplied by the same company. For Daimler Trucks the elements are branded as Detroit but are clearly from the same entity, Some elements on the Mack driveline are branded Mack, but come from the same source as the Volvo elements.


The odd ones out are International and the Paccar brands, Kenworth and Peterbilt. Paccar and International do have their own engines but no history with gearboxes. They also sell a lot of their trucks with someone else’s engine, Cummins. Transmissions come from either Eaton or Allison, but predominantly Eaton.


To protect their position in the US market, the two component suppliers, Eaton and Cummins have started to work more and more closely together top create a kind of ‘proprietary’ driveline for Paccar and International.


International have become more and more reliant on Cummins as their own engine program has been in some disarray following its failed 15 litre engine program which got into regulatory strife a few years back. At the time, Cummins stepped into the breach and supplied the engines to enable the Chicago-based truck maker to continue in the heavy duty truck business.


Paccar are in the engine business, but have not been willing to invest the kind of vast funds needed to develop a 15 litre engine to go in their heavy duty offering. Instead, the company has worked closely with both Eaton and Cummins to get a virtual proprietary driveline.


New Scania, Trucking Optimism, a Major Fine and Electric Axles

New Scania, Trucking Optimism, a Major Fine and Electric Axles

The news from Diesel this week shows evidence of a new Scania, trucking optimism, a major fine and electric axles, with stories from around the world.


Images of the next generation Scania driving on Australian roads have started to appear on social media, as the Swedish truck maker run the new models in a, far from secret, evaluation program. 

New Scania, Trucking Optimism, a Major Fine and Electric Axles


New Scania, Trucking Optimism, a Major Fine and Electric Axles

Truck Sales Up


The latest monthly truck sales figures released by the Truck Industry Council (TIC) this week demonstrate optimism from truck buyers and show a strong truck market, when compared to the figures from last September. National sales figures are showing a rise in sales over the year when compared to 2016. Overall sales sit at 26,294 so far this year, they were just 23,951 at the same point last year.


While just about every truck brand is showing an increase in sales, some have made major gains over 2016. The two German brands MAN and Mercedes Benz, now selling new models and with MAN supplying the Defence Forces, have increased sales with numbers up 198 per cent and 48 per cent respectively.


Major Fine for Scania


Scania has been hit with an 880 million ($1,316 million) after being found to be part of a trucks cartel by the European Commission. The charges reckon the Swedish truck maker colluded for 14 years with five other European truck manufacturers on the pricing of trucks. There were also irregularities in passing on the costs of new technologies to meet exhaust emission regulations.


This follows the fining of MAN, DAF, Daimler, Iveco and Volvo/Renault last year after they also admitted to have acted in a cartel-like fashion. Scania had elected not to settle early and underwent a full investigation.


“The decision marks the end of our investigation into a very long lasting cartel, 14 years,” Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, is quoted as saying in reports from Europe. “This cartel affected very substantial numbers of road hauliers in Europe, since Scania and the other truck manufacturers in the cartel produce more than 9 out of every 10 medium and heavy trucks sold in Europe. These trucks account for around three quarters of inland transport of goods in Europe and play a vital role in the European economy. Instead of colluding on pricing, the truck manufacturers should have been competing against each other, also on environmental improvements.”


Electric Axles


Meritor has announced it is developing a platform of electric drive axles and suspensions as well as supporting systems with the intention to position the company as a leader in electric solutions for the commercial vehicle market.


“Essentially, we’re focusing on integrating an electric motor into the differential carrier,” said Jay Craig, CEO and president for Meritor. “As we look to future emissions regulations and our customers’ desire for more efficiency, we’re developing new and innovative solutions to expand our product portfolio.”


Meritor designed the e-carrier as a drop-in replacement of a conventional mechanical carrier that does not disrupt axle or suspension packaging. Because the electric motor is integrated into the axle, space is freed up for batteries and other electrical components, offering easier packaging and installation and a safer, more protected location inside the frame rails to mount the batteries.

Electric Inter, Volvo and LNG, Iveco and Suttons, plus a New Auto from Eaton/Cummins

Electric Inter, Volvo and LNG, Iveco and Suttons

Not only is there an Electric Inter, Volvo and LNG, Iveco and Suttons, plus a New Auto from Eaton/Cummins in Diesel News, but also Daimler Platooning and an Electric Van.

Electric Inter, Volvo and LNG, Iveco and Suttons, plus a New Auto from Eaton/Cummins


Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies has introduced the new Endurant TM 12- speed automated transmission at the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show in Atlanta, in the US. Claimed to be the lightest, most efficient 1,850 ft lb–capable heavy-duty transmission on the US market, it has been designed for line-haul applications where weight savings and efficiency can add to a fleet’s bottom line, Endurant weighs nearly 50kg less than competitive automated manual transmissions (AMTs).


“We are excited to introduce our customers to this game-changing transmission,” said Scott Davis, General Manager, Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies. “Fleets will find that Endurant has been intelligently engineered from the ground up with features that protect your investment and make it easy to maintain. With a sophisticated communication system between the engine and transmission software, Endurant promises to deliver industry-best performance and reliability, fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance, and driver comfort features.”



International Electric Truck


Also at the NACV, International was talking about a new electric truck in the pipeline, coming through the US truck maker’s increasingly close relationship with Volkswagen.


“Our alliance with VW is allowing us to move much more quickly into electric propulsion thanks to our ability to leverage their technology investments and components in segments of the market where we’re already a leader,” said Troy A. Clarke, Chairman, President and CEO, Navistar. “We believe the Class 6/7 vehicle is ideal for electric powertrain solutions in the near term, given its abundance of packaging space, and that these vehicles typically run short distances and can depot to recharge at the end of the day.”


Suttons Takes On Iveco


New South Wales dealership group, Suttons Motors, has taken over the operations of Iveco Sydney. Suttons assumed ownership of Iveco’s largest NSW-based dealership and is already well progressed in consolidating its operations.


“Suttons Motors saw enormous potential in the Iveco product range,” said Daniel Glynn, new Sydney Iveco General Manager. “With a model range spanning everything from passenger car licence vans and light trucks through to road train prime movers, we can offer a transport solution to anybody who walks through the dealership doors.”


LNG For Volvo


According to Volvo Trucks, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the best available climate alternative on the market for heavy regional and long-haul transport operations. By replacing diesel with liquefied natural gas or biogas, CO emissions from heavy trucks can be drastically reduced. Liquefied gas is today used primarily in industrial operations but, according to Volvo experts, it has excellent prerequisites for being a competitive vehicle fuel with considerable environmental benefits. Volvo is now intensifying its development of gas-powered trucks for heavy regional and long-haul operations.


“Many of our customers and their customers already work hard to reduce their environmental footprint,” said Lars Mårtensson, Director Environment and Innovation at Volvo Trucks. “This regulation will drive the development of lower emissions, where we see a clear possibility for increasing LNG market shares as a vital part of the solution. Our vision is that trucks from Volvo will eventually have zero emissions, although the way of achieving that is not by one single solution but rather through several solutions in parallel.”


Daimler Platooning Trial


Daimler is testing connected trucks in platooning operations on public roads in the US. This was announced during the NACV. In truck platooning connectivity and automated driving improve safety within the vehicle convoys, support drivers and enhance efficiency through closer distances between the connected trucks.


Having started with successful trials on Daimler Trucks North America’s proving ground in Madras, Oregon, Daimler has received the appropriate permission from the regional regulatory body Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). In a first step called ‘pairing’, Daimler is to test its platooning technology in two connected Freightliner New Cascadia truck trailer combinations.


Electric Van from Renault

Electric Inter, Volvo and LNG, Iveco and Suttons, plus a New Auto from Eaton/Cummins

Renault Australia will begin direct sales of the Kangoo Z.E. (Zero Emissions) compact van in November 2017.


“Bringing the Renault Kangoo Z.E. to Australia has been a long-held goal for us,” said Elena Woods, Senior Model Line Manager for Electric Vehicles at Renault Australia. “We are really excited to offer our customers the opportunity to make a giant step forward in terms of innovative transportation.”


To date, more than 25,000 examples have been sold in Europe to a wide range of users, making it the most popular battery-powered van, with 34.5 per cent of Europe’s EV (electric vehicle) commercial market. It has been the best seller in its segment in the six years since its European launch.

New Boss at Penske

Penske Commercial Vehicles, distributor of the Western Star, MAN and Dennis Eagle commercial vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, have announced the appointment of a new Managing Director. Kevin Dennis, after two years with Penske Power Systems in Australia as its Director for On Highway business, has been moved to the position of Managing Director of PCV.


Kevin Dennis, new Managing Director at Penske Commercial Vehicles
Kevin Dennis, new Managing Director at Penske Commercial Vehicles


“Kevin brings a passion for developing new business sales opportunities and an unwavering commitment to customer engagement and service delivery” said Randall Seymore, President Penske Transportation Group International. “His background and wealth of experience is a perfect fit to continue the development and implementation of our strategy, including our customer first philosophy.”


Dennis comes to Penske Commercial Vehicles with extensive experience in both the transportation industry and the Penske group of businesses, having spent 13 years with Detroit Diesel Corporation and Daimler Trucks North America in various senior international sales and service management roles and nearly two years with Penske Power Systems in Australia. Kevin also held a previous role as the Managing Director for Navistar Australia.



“I am excited by the opportunity to get out there and tell the market about the great line up of trucks we represent in Western Star Trucks, MAN Truck & Bus and Dennis Eagle; and the effort the company has put into building true working partnerships with our customer base.” said Dennis.


Dennis will officially start on Monday June 20.

Turbo Compounding Explained?

Does anyone know exactly how turbo compounding works in a truck engine? It seems to be one of those technologies which appear and disappear without truck buyers actually working out how the thing works. This video doesn’t tell us anything except it will save US truck buyers fuel.


Over the years both Scania and Volvo have introduced and then un-introduced turbo compounding on their truck engines. The current DD 15 from Detroit does have an element of turbo compounding but, as to how it works, the answer is unclear.


What do we do when we don’t how it works? We go to YouTube for an explanation.


Here is a form of turbo compounding on a genset. The turbo’s energy is used to generate extra electricity, but it still isn’t clear if this is how it works on our truck engines:


Here is a video claiming to explain the whole concept, but I’m still not sure:


Here we have a bit more detail about the engine being introduced by Volvo into the US truck market next year. It seems to be converting the turbo energy into mechanical energy, but how?

Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

Fault Codes on your Phone

A new app has been released which will mean mechanics will be able to read fault codes on their smart phones, along with a raft of other useful information. Detroit has launched a free app for its dedicated on-highway customers.




The all-new app from Penske Power Systems provides an interactive way for customers to get the latest from Detroit, with engine fault code and parked regeneration information, dealer location and GPS capability, among other things.


“Detroit’s app gives DD15 owners and drivers vital information that they require out on the road, including truck stop locations, fatigue management information, and a specific menu to store all their important engine information for warranty records and more,” said Kevin Dennis, Director of Penske Power Systems On- highway Business.




The app will allow access to a Detroit engine showcase and a series of videos to improve customer familiarisation with the DD15 and its components, while also holding up-to-date specials and promotional items, as well as a database of information, which can be accessed offline or without phone signal.


“Detroit in Australia and New Zealand is always looking to give its customers more, be it through engine enhancements or through customer engagement,” said Dennis. “The app is another way we can help customers who are out there on the road every day to be readily in touch with us. Our customers work in an increasingly mobile industry, and the new app is a one-stop shop for all Detroit information. It has been developed to specifically for our customers.”




App users can use a ‘contact us’ function to send an email to the Penske Power Systems team, making it easier for Detroit customers to get engine support. The app is now available through the Apple Store and Google Play by searching ‘Detroit Penske Power Systems’.

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Detroit Diesel DD 15 Engines Explained

The Detroit DD15 has been on our roads for some time now, but remains a bit of a mystery to some. Penske Power Systems have set up a DD 15 website with a number of multimedia explanations of the engine’s technology. Apart from the videos showing the engine’s manufacture, there is a tear down of an engine after it burned 720,000 litres of diesel.


Here is Detroit US Technical Guru, Terry Bistue, talking to Australian journalists about the engine before its latest launch here:

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Backwards Compatible

Detroit is introducing a new engine to meet old exhaust gas emission rules. Penske Power Systems has announced it will introduce a Euro 4 version of the DD15 engine in 2016 as part of, what it says is, its initiative to both boost engine life and maintain its service to Series 60 EGR customers.


Penske Power Systems - Detroit Euro 4 Project


The Australian and New Zealand Euro 4 DD15 project has been developed by Penske in direct response to customer demand.


“The heart of the project is focused on delivering cost of ownership benefits to Series 60 EGR customers whose engines are at the point of overhaul and provide them with the opportunity to upgrade to the many benefits of DD15,” said Kevin Dennis, Director of On-Highway at Penske Power Systems. “The Euro 4 is a standard DD15 engine, less the after-treatment device.”


With one prototype underway in the form of a 6×4 Freightliner Argosy owned by Peter Carter Transport which is being re-powered at Penske Power Systems’ Altona engineering centre, the Detroit team aims to investigate other potential truck configurations.


“The installation is well under way and we’re aiming to bring this home at an attractive package to our dedicated customers,” said Dennis said. “Should this be a success for Peter Carter Transport, we are confident that we can also make this work in other trucks and are already investigating an opportunity in New Zealand.”


According to Detroit this new initiative is set to be rolled out through Penske Power Systems’ branches during the coming months.

New Engineering Boss for Detroit

Penske Power Systems has a new engineer heading up its technical team in Australia. The owner of the Detroit Diesel brand in Australia announced the appointment of Ross Deves to the position of National Engineering Manager, this week.


He replaces a man who has been ‘Mr Detroit’ for the past 27 years, Guy Macklan. He has been involved with the engine brand through n era where the product grew from two stroke technology, via the innovative, electronic Series 60 to the current DD 13 and DD 15 engines available today.


Ross Deves, Penske Power Systems National Engineering Manager
Ross Deves, Penske Power Systems National Engineering Manager


Deves has over 30 years experience working across Australia’s road transport industry. He has held a number of positions, including Principal Engineer, Vehicle Standards National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Chief Engineer Volvo Mack Trucks, Engineering Manager DaimlerChrysler Australia and Engineering Manager Powertrans.


Deves commenced his tenure on November 23, and will be based at Penske Power Systems’ Melbourne facility. His role sees him lead a team of engineers and technicians based in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.


“I look forward to working closely with Ross to promote and further enhance Penske Power Systems’ first-class engineering services and capabilities across our diverse market sectors, growing our market share and delivering tailored solutions to our customers,” said Hamish Christie-Johnston, Director of Off-Highway at Penske Power Systems.


'Mr Detroit'
‘Mr Detroit’ Guy Macklan


“At the same time I would like to thank Guy Macklan for his tremendous contribution to Penske Power Systems’ on- and off-highway engineering business. His legacy, knowledge and contribution is unparalleled in the industry, and we are very fortunate that he will continue to consult to the company.”

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The Return of the Series 60

The Series 60 is back, and will be available from Penske Power Systems as part of a limited production run. The introduction of the 14 litre Detroit Series 60 Legacy will see the legendary engines manufactured in the US exclusively for the Australia and New Zealand aftermarket and overhaul customers.


Detroit Diesel Series 60



For local Detroit customers this means that the Series 60 575 hp engine is now available for purchase as a loose engine at Penske Power Systems branches and authorised dealers. The engine is backed by a full two year, unlimited kilometre warranty.



Penske Power Systems worked with the Detroit factory, now part of Daimler Trucks North America, to reintroduce the Series 60 into the market, securing a tailored order for its Australia-New Zealand Legacy customers, and placing the Series 60 back into production at DTNA’s Utah remanufacturing facility.



“More than ever we deliver an extensive range of technologies to our customers, from the DD15 engine on the one hand, to the legendary Series 60 on the other,” said Kevin Dennis, Director On-Highway Penske Power Systems. “So when our customers asked for the Series 60 Legacy to be re-introduced as part of our product mix we worked hard to make it happen.”



According to Penske Power Systems, the Series 60 is still incredibly relevant in today’s on-highway market and proof durable design leads to long-life reliability for customers. The classic engine was fitted across an extensive range of truck makes and models, and set the early running for fuel economy and reliability in electronic engines in the nineties.