women changing trucking

Women Changing Trucking

Here we see a video about women changing trucking. If they are, it is a slow and painful process, working through the male domination which characterises our industry. This video first appeared on the SBS news show, The Feed.

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highway hero honoured

Highway Hero Honoured

Moama based truck driver, Brett Hood became the latest highway hero honoured, becoming the fourth recipient for 2018 of the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian honour after saving a woman’s life through his prompt actions at a crash site in mid-October.

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Christmas is coming

Christmas is Coming

It’s a sure sign Christmas is coming when the first Coca Cola Christmas truck video pops up on YouTube and this year it’s from Australia, caught by an observant couple somewhere unspecified, probably Sydney.

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Paccar achieved top status

Paccar Achieved Top Status

At the recent Australian Training Awards at the Sydney International Convention Centre Paccar achieved top status when it was recognised at the Large Employer of the Year for 2018. In accepting the award at the event Andrew Hadjikakou, Managing Director Paccar Australia acknowledged the employees and the company for their collective commitment to learning and development.

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the return of the two stroke diesel engine?

The Return of the Two Stroke Diesel Engine?

There is nothing new in the world and it all comes around again, but are we seeing the return of the two stroke diesel engine? This guy seems to think so, Dr James Lemke is a US physicist and entrepreneur who has created the Achates Power engine.

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were they the good old days?

Were They the Good Old Days?

In this video, Will Shiers asks the question, were they the good old days? The answer is always going to lead to mixed feelings, nostalgia is a wonderful filter which makes past experience a lot better than it was at the time. 

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politically incorrect trucking?

Politically Incorrect Trucking?

Would many people in the road transport game regard this video as an example of politically incorrect trucking? The answer is probably yes and there may well be good reasons for taking this position. On the other hand, this is the way many of the people working in the industry today will have had their first experience with a truck.

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mandate the use of telematics in all heavy vehicles

Mandate the Use of Telematics in all Heavy Vehicles

A call for the government to mandate the use of telematics in all heavy vehicles has been made by the Australian Logistics Council. It came out with the suggestion after reviewing the outcome of the recent Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting of the country’s transport ministers in Sydney.

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droning on about trucks

Droning on About Trucks

Most who have worked in the trucking industry will have been accused of droning on about trucks too much. The reason? We love ’em and think they look great. We love them so much, we talk about them all of the time and we take pictures of them and can’t get enough of them.

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1,000th Mack truck built for Hanson

1,000th Mack truck built for Hanson 

Mack Trucks Australia has celebrated an historic new milestone, handing over the keys to the 1,000th Mack truck built for Hanson, one of Australia’s most iconic construction material suppliers.  The number 1,000 truck is a Trident AF with a four-axle dog trailer, which will work out of Hanson’s Wolffdene quarry in Queensland, reported to be one of the largest quarries in the southern hemisphere. 

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