the most dangerous part of the livestock transport task

The Most Dangerous Part of the Livestock Transport Task

The task of loading or unloading animals into vehicles is the most dangerous part of the livestock transport task, according to the the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association. Unreported accidents and near misses are commonplace, with occasional major accidents and even deaths such as occurred in the case of Chad A Lynch when a ramp collapsed in October 2013.
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rural trucking costs are a major factor in productivity

Rural Trucking Costs are a Major Factor in Productivity

In all of the commentary around Australia’s economic performance there is always plenty of discussion about major indices associated with agriculture, resources etc, but rural trucking costs are a major factor in productivity. Deloitte were commissioned by AgriFutures Australia to put together a report entitled ‘The Impact of Freight Costs on Australian Farms’. This report confirms agriculture is vitally important to the strength of the economy with over 66 per cent of annual agricultural production exported overseas. Read more

getting driver training right

Getting Driver Training Right

Truck drivers arrive in the workplace with a truck driving license, but have they been properly trained, how important is getting driver training right? Diesel News talks to Peter Anderson, Victorian Transport Association CEO, about a new initiative to get proper training for people working in the trucking industry. Read more

effectiveness of reform

Effectiveness of Reform

This week has seen the release of the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report into National Transport Regulatory Reform, looking into the effectiveness of reform and where it should prioritise in the future.  Read more

a lack of real data being used to create rules

A Lack of Real Data Being Used to Create Rules

Policy around the trucking industry is often defined by a lack of real data being used to create rules and regulations which will aid the productivity of the trucking industry and hence the productivity of the country of Australia. two reports published this year by Deloitte Access Economics aim to address that problem. Read more

flexibility for truck drivers

Flexibility for Truck Drivers

This week has seen the announcement of a measure, as an extension of an existing initiative, that will improve the lives and increase flexibility for truck drivers to use their vehicles outside work hours. Read more

late payment of invoices is a major problem

Late Payment of Invoices is a Major Problem

According to Greg Charlwood, Managing Director, Australian Invoice Finance, late payment of invoices is a major problem for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Australian transport and logistics sector, which can even lead to the closure of businesses in extreme cases. At the very least, it creates uneven cash flow, potentially leading to problems paying suppliers and staff, missed opportunities and falling behind in tax payments. Read more

getting the new law right

Getting the New Law Right

As the National Transport Commission continues through the process of coming up with an all-new Heavy Vehicle National Law, the trucking industry can still engage in getting the new law right as comments on suggested rules are being sought online on the HVNL Review website. Read more

trucking has friends in Parliament?

Trucking Has Friends in Parliament?

The answer to the question would have invariably been no, in the past, when enquiring as to whether trucking has friends in Parliament? However, that looks to be about to change after the formation of the Parliamentary Friends of Trucks, Trailers, Transport and Logistics (PFTTTL) this week. Read more