deja vu issues for transport

Deja Vu Issues for Transport

The recent LBRCA Conference could be described as yet another of those moments when we see more deja vu issues for transport, we seem to have lived through this before. 

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Austroads ignoring informed advice

Austroads Ignoring Informed Advice

A research project by a government agency into heavy vehicle dimensions sees Austroads ignoring informed advice. The project has neglected to take into account the findings of the expert panel inquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities.

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the NHVR comes to the ACT

The NHVR Comes to the ACT

As the process of integration continues, the NHVR comes to the ACT. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator says it  will provide heavy vehicle on-road compliance and enforcement across the Australian Capital Territory from July 1. The transfer of responsibility from the ACT authorities to the NHVR is a relatively small task compared to the transfer of the next two integration targets, VicRoads and then NSW’s RMS.

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ploughing through fatigue issues

Ploughing Through Fatigue Issues

On the evidence of the latest release by the National Transport Commission, many in trucking could be ploughing through fatigue issues for some time if they want to influence the reformed Heavy Vehicle National Law. The second of eight issues papers has been released this week and amounts to 56 pages of dense data to plough through to grasp the NTC’s intentions.

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truck drivers not seeking help

Truck Drivers Not Seeking Help

An ongoing problem, around driver health issues within the trucking industry, is truck drivers not seeking help when living with untreated medical issues. A recent study illustrates the problem of under-reported health problems in the workforce.

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rational transport collaboration in the West

Rational Transport Collaboration in the West

Western Australia’s trucking industry association, the Western Road Federation, and it’s metro logistics initiative is seen to be leading to rational transport collaboration in the West, in the co-ordinating of road transport logistic planning and the future vision for Perth.

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national fatigue blitz

National Fatigue Blitz

The latest nationally co-ordinated operation organised by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator was called Operation Wake Up and took the form of a national fatigue blitz during April. The idea was to get a picture of exactly what is going on out on the highway randomly checking as many drivers as possible at strategic points all over the country at roadside checks.

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Glenn Sterle saying things are going to be done differently

Glenn Sterle Saying Things are Going to be Done Differently

The opening morning of the NatRoad Conference in Brisbane has seen Senator Glenn Sterle saying things are going to be done differently if the Labor Party gets the guernsey in May 18’s election. The Senator for Western Australia was one of the opening speakers at the event which is acting as a curtain raiser for the Brisbane Truck Show.

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