access legislation does not need reform

Access Legislation Does Not Need Reform

According to the Australian Trucking Association it is in broad agreement with views expressed at the National Transport Commission’s Brisbane workshop on access, that access legislation does not need reform. The problem lies in the way regulations are being enforced. Read more

increasing challenges for road freight

Increasing Challenges for Road Freight

The release of the 2019 Infrastructure Australia Audit, called ‘An Assessment of Australia’s Future Infrastructure Needs’ has identified increasing challenges for road freight, including agricultural, regional, urban and non-bulk freight as well as poor planning and congestion, and poor maintenance and limited capacity in regional areas.  Read more

Austroads ignoring informed advice

Austroads Ignoring Informed Advice

A research project by a government agency into heavy vehicle dimensions sees Austroads ignoring informed advice. The project has neglected to take into account the findings of the expert panel inquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities.

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do the research

Do the Research

The reception the latest truck accident figures received last week in the media is a timely reminder of how important it is to do the research and then use that research wisely in getting behaviour or policy change. 

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highway hero honoured

Highway Hero Honoured

Silverdale Sand and Soil’s Brendon Gilbert has received the recognition of the Australian Trucking Industry, being named as the latest highway hero honoured as a Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian for coming to the aid of a motorcyclist who had a medical episode on one of Sydney’s busiest corridors.

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vote for your representative

Vote for Your Representative

This time of year gives many in the trucking industry the opportunity to vote for your representative. While there have been limited numbers of candidates in the past, this year sees a number of candidates stepping up to represent owner drivers and small fleets on the Australian Trucking Association’s General Council.

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Reforming Truck Accreditation Schemes

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and heavy vehicle industry will establish an accreditation working group to respond to a comprehensive report into reforming truck accreditation schemes. Options for reform of and analysis of Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Schemes in Australia were laid out by consultant Peter Medlock in a report published earlier this year.

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