we started off with a fantastic idea

We Started Off With a Fantastic Idea

With Performance Based Standards we started off with a fantastic idea. We Australians are very good at great ideas. Then came the part where drilling down to the details created the basic tenets of the scheme and how it would work. 

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hacking at the fatigue problem

Hacking at the Fatigue Problem

In an industry first, and featured on our video of the week, groups of smart, young, outside-the-box thinkers got together in Canberra to try hacking at the fatigue problem.

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fighting fatigue anomalies in the West

Fighting Fatigue Anomalies in the West

A combination of NatRoad, the Western Roads Federation and the Northern Territory Road Transport Association are working together fighting fatigue anomalies in the West. The three organisations have made a joint submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) on two fatigue-related issues where the group reckon there is a lack of clarity in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

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Hacking the Fatigue Challenge

Here’s a video about the outside-the-box thinkers who participated in an attempt to hack the fatigue challenge. The Fatigue Hack-a-thon was held in parallel to the Australian Trucking Association’s annual Truck Australia conference and saw a number of teams from four to eight strong coming into the event to attack the problem of fatigue from a fresh angle and come up with some alternatives to the many proposed solutions we have heard about in the past.

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To Dob or Not to Dob, That is the Question

Reading the news about a confidential hotline where truck drivers and supply chain workers can call a hotline to report potential safety breaches left me in quandary, to dob or not to dob, that is the question. The announcement this week by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator sees a confidential 1800 number being set up for concerned people in the supply chain to raise concerns.

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another highway hero honoured

Another Highway Hero Honoured

A ceremony in Melbourne has seen another highway hero honoured. George Athanasiou is an Australian Personnel Solutions (APS) contractor engaged by Americold on a major account and he was en route to make a delivery on the Mornington Peninsula when he came across a crash site where a car had collided with a tow truck picking up a stricken vehicle at a major intersection.

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information on upcoming heavy vehicle law changes

Information on Upcoming Heavy Vehicle Law Changes

As of today, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is publishing information on upcoming heavy vehicle law changes. These changes will becoming through as amendments to the National Heavy Vehicle Law and regulations. They will take effect as of July 1.

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getting pulled in for a roadside check

Getting Pulled in for a Roadside Check

It is always a stressful experience getting pulled in for a roadside check, but the relatively relaxed atmosphere gives a hint of the changes that the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has in train. Diesel News is standing under a bright South Australian sun at a hilltop weighing station just outside of Tailem Bend on the main Adelaide to Melbourne freight route, watching trucks coming into a weigh station to get the once over from the scalies.

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fatal crashes are down for trucks

Decision to Mandate ESC Will Save Lives

The latest amendment to the truck and trailer braking ADRs has been welcomed by stakeholder reckoning the decision to mandate ESC will save lives. ADR 35/06 for trucks and 38/05 for trailers will mandate Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for new heavy vehicle trailers from July 2019 and for selected new heavy trucks and buses from November 2020.

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