The Meat in the Sandwich

The trucking industry is very much the meat in the sandwich, in the ongoing arguments about charges by the big stevedores. So called infrastructure charges are simply price gouging by the very small number of powerful national companies, who are running our ports, to maintain their margins at the expense of transport companies already running on much thinner margins.

After the latest announcement this week, the Victorian Transport Association is urging its members to pass on the charges to their customers in order to make the end customer pay for the increased cost for the truckies at the sharp end. Easier said than done! Read more

Support EWDs With Reservations

Resistance to EWDs

In a show of resistance to EWDs, and in its submission to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, the Australian Trucking Association says it does not support the rollout of voluntary electronic work diaries as proposed. Read more

Stability Control For All Trucks

Stability Control For All Trucks

Bringing in a measure to mandate stability control for all trucks seems to be approved of by many around the trucking industry. With the need to continue to improve safety outcomes for trucking, and the general community, this would seem to be a consensus view. Read more

Trucking in the Twitterverse

Trucking in the Twitterverse

Diesel News keeps an eye on trucking in the Twitterverse and brings you this week’s highlights. We have Tweets from the NHVR on the road, loading hay in the USA and another truck rollover in the news. Read more

Road Safety Agenda

Road Safety Agenda

Here is Melinda Pavey laying out the road safety agenda for New South Wales in the next few years. Her job title is quite a long one, NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight. In fact, as she introduces herself and gives us her title, this is the only time she mentions ‘freight’. Read more

Owner Driver Guide To CoR

Many working in the trucking industry are looking for a comprehensive owner driver guide to CoR (Chain of Responsibility) legislation and the implication for individual operators. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has been running a series of seminars to get the message out there about the new rules. Read more

What’s Going On in Mackay?

What’s Going On in Mackay?

The trucking industry in Central Queensland is asking what’s going on in Mackay? This is after the Mackay Regional Council (MRC) came up with new rules on heavy vehicle parking. Read more

Preventative Maintenance is Vital

Is Roller Brake Testing Finally Sorted?

After a long drawn out process, the trucking industry can finally ask, is roller brake testing finally sorted? According to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, new roller brake testing procedures have commenced across Australia. This follows 18 months of testing and evaluation after it was found existing procedures were producing inconsistent results after national standards were brought in. Read more

Regulatory Common Sense 

Drivers and operators have been looking for some regulatory common sense for a long time, but two initiatives this week create sensible solutions to long-term issues. One regards personal use allowances in the log book and the other reduces the requirement to do needless animal transfers on the road. Read more

VISA Global Logistics, is joining MEGATRANS2018

Each Component In The Chain

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is trying to get information out about changes to Chain of Responsibility legislation to each component in the chain, including drivers, owner-drivers and small operators subcontracting to the bigger operators. Read more