Support EWDs With Reservations

Support EWDs, With Reservations

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association has said it will support EWDs, with reservations as it currently stands. The ALRTA has announced its National Council has resolved to support the roll out of voluntary electronic work diaries (EWD). Read more

Simpler PBS Approval Expanded

Simpler PBS Approval Expanded

The latest announcement from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has seen simpler PBS expanded. The NHVR has added additional PBS Truck and Dog combinations to heavy vehicles classes for Performance Based Standards (PBS) pre-advised approval. Read more

Getting With the Program

Promises, Promises, Promises

The trucking industry needs to make sure the latest infrastructure announcements aren’t just promises, promises, promises. The planned improvements are rational and will help trucking do its job into the future, but this is before the politicians have got fully involved. Read more

Trucking Industry Awards Nominations

Trucking Industry Awards Nominations

This week, the National Trucking Industry Awards nominations were made by the Australian Trucking Association. The awards are designed to recognise businesses and individuals who have gone above and beyond to improve their workplace and contribute to the trucking industry.

“The finalists for these awards have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the Australian trucking industry through their hard work and commitment,” said Geoff Crouch, ATA Chair. “These awards are a highlight of not only the Trucking Australia conference, but the whole year and I look forward to the announcement of the winners next month,” he said. Read more

Getting Tippers Right

When it comes to the question of getting tippers right, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator wants the trailer manufacturers to make the regulations work both for them and their customers. The Heavy Vehicle Industry Association has been asked by the NHVR to lead the development of a new VSB6 modification code that covers the design of tipper bodies. Read more

Are You Going to Use an EWD?

The question many truck owners and truck drivers are asking themselves is, are you going to use an EWD? Electronic Work Diaries are about to become a reality as the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator releases the draft Electronic Work Diary (EWD) Compliance Policy ensuring that heavy vehicle drivers using either electronic or written work diaries are treated the same. Read more

Trucking Twitterverse Unchained

Trucking Twitterverse Unchained

This week Diesel News brings you the trucking Twitterverse unchained, with bulletins from around the country. We have the NSW Police and their charm offensive, making real progress, there’s a new truck show on the calendar and it doesn’t look like the West Gate Tunnel in Melbourne is going to happen any time soon.

The series of ‘Coffee with a Cop’ events being held at truck stops can be nothing but a good thing, taking the heat out of a relationship which can get a little fraught, between truckies and Traffic Police: Read more

VicRoads Superload

This load seems to have been called the VicRoads Superload for some reason. The reason being the Victorian road authority supervised the massive move from Gippsland through several Melbourne suburbs to the Port of Melbourne and a waiting ship. The actual operator doing the job was Lampsons. Read more

Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall

For many advocates for the trucking industry it can often feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall. There are some important points we need to get into the public domain and be brought to the attention of those in power. There are also plenty of barriers in the way of anyone trying to speak up for all of the people involved in trucking.

The industry faces a number of challenges, all of which have conspired to make it very difficult for the correct information, in the right context, to be laid out in front of people outside the industry. Read more

The Meat in the Sandwich

The trucking industry is very much the meat in the sandwich, in the ongoing arguments about charges by the big stevedores. So called infrastructure charges are simply price gouging by the very small number of powerful national companies, who are running our ports, to maintain their margins at the expense of transport companies already running on much thinner margins.

After the latest announcement this week, the Victorian Transport Association is urging its members to pass on the charges to their customers in order to make the end customer pay for the increased cost for the truckies at the sharp end. Easier said than done! Read more