getting the law right

Getting the New Law Right

There is a process going on to reform the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and the trucking industry is being asked to get involved in making sure they are getting the new law right. Some of the stakeholders presented their views at the NatRoad Conference. Read more

Rural Trucking Matters

Rural Trucking Matters

As part of our new Rural Trucking Matters series, the Question being asked by the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association’s Executive Director, Mathew Munro is, “Heavy Vehicle Charging Reform: Threat or Opportunity?” Here are Mathew’s thoughts on the matter: Read more

dobbing line is one year old

Dobbing Line is One Year Old

This week the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s dobbing line is one year old. The service is more correctly called the Heavy Vehicle Confidential Reporting Line (HVCRL) and it has taken almost 1,500 calls in its first year of operation. Read more

Peace, Quiet and Low Emissions in the West

It would seem there is a growing likelihood of peace, quiet and low emissions in the west of Melbourne after an agreement between the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) and Maribyrnong Truck Action Group (MTAG) to incentivise freight operators to upgrade to lower emissions trucks, as a condition for using curfewed roads in the area to the west of the Port of Melbourne for longer hours. Read more

planning the route forward

Planning the Route Forward

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator continues in its planning the route forward for  a truly national truck regulation regime with the introduction of the NHVR Route Planner, which replaces the Journey Planner from June 27.

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Linfox truck driver honoured

Linfox Truck Driver Honoured

The latest Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian named by the Australian Trucking Association sees a Linfox truck driver honoured following his remarkable actions and compassion at a multi-vehicle crash site in February.

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deja vu issues for transport

Deja Vu Issues for Transport

The recent LBRCA Conference could be described as yet another of those moments when we see more deja vu issues for transport, we seem to have lived through this before. 

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Austroads ignoring informed advice

Austroads Ignoring Informed Advice

A research project by a government agency into heavy vehicle dimensions sees Austroads ignoring informed advice. The project has neglected to take into account the findings of the expert panel inquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities.

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