driver information overload

Driver information Overload

One of the results of the kinds of accreditation and qualification for drivers is something which is beginning to look like driver information overload. With the increase in permits, documentation and covering letters which have to accompany some types of truck, some classes of freight and exceptions to the normal road rules, all of this information can end up as a bewildering collection of paperwork. Some follows the driver, some the truck and some the freight. In the cramped conditions in a truck cabin paperwork is easily misplaced. 

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top technical night

Top Technical Night

At the Australian trucking industry’s top technical night, two of its most outstanding technical contributors received well deserved awards. At the Castrol Vecton Awards Dinner in Melbourne, the social event which forms part of the Australian Trucking Association’s 2018 Technology and Maintenance Conference, the Craig Roseneder and the ATA Technical Achievement Awards were announced and presented.

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truck drivers are people too

Truck Drivers are People Too

There is a problem with the public perception of truck drivers in Australia, but people need to be aware truck drivers are people too. This Re:act campaign developed by Hard Edge in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology gave design students a creative brief that challenged them to raise awareness of a road safety issue and change behaviour among their age group.

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finding the pinch points

Finding the Pinch Points

So the brave new world of chain of responsibility is with us from the start of this month, it’s finding the pinch points and it’s really starting to bite. No? Well, no surprise there. We have waited around a long time for the CoR laws to find their true target and we can wait a bit longer, as long as they get it right in the end.

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passion and policy

Passion and Policy – Vale David Coonan

For many years David Coonan worked at the heart of road transport policy development in Australia, he was known for his strength in passion and policy. Unfortunately, he passed away this week after a prolonged illness. He is survived by his wife, Kathy, and two daughters, Jennifer and Elizabeth.

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jumping in a truck and getting the load from A to B

Jumping in a Truck and Getting the Load from A to B

It is no longer about jumping in a truck and getting the load from A to B as quickly as possible and damn the consequences. This attitude comes from a time back in the seventies and eighties when there was little real regulation of trucking and a laissez faire attitude from customers about how the road transport operator got the job done.

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new NHVR Chair

New NHVR Chair

Former NSW Roads and Maritime Services Minister Duncan Gay has been appointed as the new NHVR Chair. The current Chair at the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Bruce Baird, is retiring next month.

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moving PBS forward

Moving PBS Forward

The concept of Performance Based Standards was always regarded as a great idea, since it came into existence it has failed to live up to the grand expectations many in the industry had for it and it has been hard moving PBS forward. Diesel News looks at the latest review of the scheme.

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keeping drivers healthy, happy and here

Keeping Drivers Healthy, Happy and Here

They are the main component in any trucking operation, but often can be taken for granted, but keeping drivers healthy, happy and here is important. Drivers are one of the elements which can make or break a company, getting it right with drivers is vital.

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everything is different in WA

Everything is Different in WA

This week I sat in on a meeting in Perth of the great and the good in the freight industry and was regularly told how everything is different in WA. As the group ploughed through the problems and possible solutions for trucking in Western Australia I was struck by how similar the problems are that we face all over Australia, not how different they are.

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