another highway hero honoured

Another Highway Hero Honoured

A ceremony in Melbourne has seen another highway hero honoured. George Athanasiou is an Australian Personnel Solutions (APS) contractor engaged by Americold on a major account and he was en route to make a delivery on the Mornington Peninsula when he came across a crash site where a car had collided with a tow truck picking up a stricken vehicle at a major intersection.

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information on upcoming heavy vehicle law changes

Information on Upcoming Heavy Vehicle Law Changes

As of today, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is publishing information on upcoming heavy vehicle law changes. These changes will becoming through as amendments to the National Heavy Vehicle Law and regulations. They will take effect as of July 1.

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getting pulled in for a roadside check

Getting Pulled in for a Roadside Check

It is always a stressful experience getting pulled in for a roadside check, but the relatively relaxed atmosphere gives a hint of the changes that the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has in train. Diesel News is standing under a bright South Australian sun at a hilltop weighing station just outside of Tailem Bend on the main Adelaide to Melbourne freight route, watching trucks coming into a weigh station to get the once over from the scalies.

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cut the road toll

Decision to Mandate ESC Will Save Lives

The latest amendment to the truck and trailer braking ADRs has been welcomed by stakeholder reckoning the decision to mandate ESC will save lives. ADR 35/06 for trucks and 38/05 for trailers will mandate Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for new heavy vehicle trailers from July 2019 and for selected new heavy trucks and buses from November 2020.

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stepping down as NTC CEO

Stepping Down as NTC CEO

Paul Retter, who has been in charge at the National Transport Commission for the last five years has announced he will be stepping down as NTC CEO on September 28. He has steered the NTC through a period of transition, where its role has been modified as the regulatory and policy landscape around trucking has changed.

Before 2013, the NTC was the only national body in the government arena with which the trucking industry was able to deal on a regular basis about policies and regulations, both for now and in the future.

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finding the pinch points

Possible Live Sheep Export Ban

With speculation rife about a possible live sheep export ban, the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association is calling on all of its members and interested parties to urgently write to their Federal Member of Parliament and other key decision makers to express their view about proposals to phase out live sheep exports.

According to the ALRTA, the continuation of live sheep exports is uncertain. The Federal Parliament is currently debating legislation that will either impose measures to improve the trade or phase it out entirely. There are two Bills before the House of Representatives and more will follow as the Government implements changes to the current live export rules.

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Roughing It in a Parking Bay Overnight 

Roughing It in a Parking Bay Overnight 

It’s good to see someone like Ben Maguire roughing it in a parking bay overnight and not only living to tell the tale, but making a serious point about some basic rights for truckies. It should be a human right for anyone working away from home to have access to toilets, lighting and water. Read more

Go Ahead For Some Reform

The Darwin TIC meeting of Transport Ministers from State and Federal Government has given the go ahead for some reform in a number of important areas for the trucking industry. The news is both good and not so good, depending on your point of view and where you sit in the overall freight transport picture. Read more

A Taste of the NHVR Roadside Experience

Diesel News got a taste of the NHVR Roadside Experience on a recent visit to South Australia, where the first roadside enforcement officers, employed directly by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator are looking after heavy vehicles in the state. Read more