road assessment breakthrough

Road Assessment Breakthrough

The access issues which have dogged the Performance Based Standards scheme and permits for larger trucks or over size and over mass may see a road assessment breakthrough if a new joint initiative from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the Australian Road Research Board proves effective.

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skills professional truck drivers need

Skills Professional Truck Drivers Need.

The ProDriver course is part of a group of courses which have been developed by DECA in recent years as fleets have begun to realise there is a need for some form of formal recognition of the kinds of skills professional truck drivers need.

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big players on board to build a trucking apprenticeship

Big Players on Board to Build a Trucking Apprenticeship


The announcement of a joint initiative, to be called ‘Future Ready’, sees some big players on board to build a trucking apprenticeship program. NatRoad, Paccar and the Paccar Dealer Network have teamed up to drive this scheme forward to improve the number and quality of the people joining the trucking industry.

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backbone of the trucking industry

Backbone of the Trucking Industry

Last weekend saw the NatRoad Conference take place, an event where the backbone of the trucking industry get to have their say and communicate directly with the powers that be about the world of trucking. This video is one of those which were shown between sessions and illustrates the kind of membership NatRoad attracts.

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Location Charging Trial for a Rego Replacement

The government is signalling their intention to change the truck charging system with its location charging trial for a rego replacement. There has been a prolonged push by bureaucrats to change the nature of road charging from the current fuel tax and registration charging model to some form of mass/distance/location charge.

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Verizon on the horizon

Verizon on the Horizon

The advent of Verizon on the horizon means there is a new player in the telematics space, but it is actually three old faces, with Verizon Connect coming together from three separate entities. Diesel News talks to the new boss of the new entity, Jim McKinlay.

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changing behaviour of 18-25 year old drivers

Changing Behaviour of 18-25 Year Old Drivers

A new road safety knowledge centre, including campaigns aimed at changing behaviour of 18-25 year old drivers, has been launched as part of the growing Re:act behaviour change program. This year the focus of the campaign has been around how to behave around trucks. 

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proving they're a professional driver

Proving They’re a Professional Driver

How does a truck driver with skills and experience differentiate themselves from a newbie fresh from their licence test, how do they go about proving they’re a professional driver? There are new courses in which drivers get a more professional qualification, Diesel News Editor, Tim Giles, decided to get assessed on one of them.

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smart tie downs

Smart Tie Downs

The trucking industry is always coming up with new ideas, this time around it’s some smart tie downs. Increasing emphasis on safety when loading and unloading a trailer is leading to more innovations in the load restraint area and Transking’s Lindsay King had his latest smart idea on show at the MEGATRANS2018 event earlier this year.

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Duncan Gay back in the news

Duncan Gay Back in the News

The last couple of weeks have seen former NSW Roads and Freight Minister Duncan Gay back in the news. The spotlight has returned to Duncan over a year after he stepped away from politics and 18 months after his term as NSW Roads and Freight Minister ended in the NSW Government reshuffle after Gladys Berejiklian took over as Premier of the State.

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