immediate review of PBS

Immediate Review of PBS

An immediate review of PBS standards is to take place and there is one to be carried out every seven years by the NHVR. All of the new technologies which have appeared since the scheme began ten years ago are to be considered. There is also a call to look at the ongoing tyre issues for PBS operators. 

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highway hero honoured

Highway Hero Honoured

Moama based truck driver, Brett Hood became the latest highway hero honoured, becoming the fourth recipient for 2018 of the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian honour after saving a woman’s life through his prompt actions at a crash site in mid-October.

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drivers don’t seek medical help

Drivers Don’t Seek Medical Help

An ongoing problem within the trucking industry is truck drivers don’t seek medical help when living with untreated medical issues. A recent study illustrates the problem of under-reported health problems in the workforce.

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when it comes to telematics, integration is key

When it Comes to Telematics, Integration is Key

Managing a successful transport business is the ultimate juggling act and, when it comes to telematics, integration is key. With a fleet of vehicles going in and out of the home base throughout the day, keeping an eye on them is a fulltime job alone. You’re scheduling tasks, checking vehicles are up to code and ensuring drivers are taking the most efficient routes, taking breaks and being as safe as possible. Not to mention all the other aspects of running a business, such as staying on budget, liaising with customers and maintaining accurate paperwork.

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some light at the end of the tunnel

Some Light at the End of the Tunnel

After twenty years of CoR we are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Another stepping stone has appeared this week, as the trucking industry and its regulators set about changing the world one piece at a time. The latest piece in the jigsaw which will see, on completion, rational regulation of the trucking industry, is the Master Industry Code of Practice.

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charging trucks for mass, distance and location

Charging Trucks for Mass, Distance and Location

The trucking industry will need to be prepared for the introduction of government charging trucks for mass, distance and location, with a new fee coming in to replace the current vehicle registration and fuel duty charges.

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becoming a job-ready truck driver

Becoming a Job-Ready Truck Driver

A couple of years ago Diesel met up with Lee Roberts as she was working on becoming a job-ready truck driver and training with the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls. Now, we meet up with her and find out how she has fared in the trucking industry since then. 

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crossing the borderline

Improved Targeting by Law Enforcement

This week the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator are promising improved targeting by law enforcement of compliance activities as a result of the National Compliance and Enforcement Policy, published earlier in the week.

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fatal truck crashes are down

Fatal Truck Crashes Are Down

The latest statistics released show that safety levels in the trucking industry are improving and fatal truck crashes are down. The figures were released by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) recently and were welcomed by the industry with the proviso, we could do better.

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fatal crashes are down for trucks

Cut the Road Toll

The way to cut the road toll is to invest in research that helps the heavy vehicle industry to improve the fatality rate, says NatRoad in a call for the Government to act.

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