fighting fatigue anomalies in the West

Fighting Fatigue Anomalies in the West

A combination of NatRoad, the Western Roads Federation and the Northern Territory Road Transport Association are working together fighting fatigue anomalies in the West. The three organisations have made a joint submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) on two fatigue-related issues where the group reckon there is a lack of clarity in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

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Getting With the Program

Promises, Promises, Promises

The trucking industry needs to make sure the latest infrastructure announcements aren’t just promises, promises, promises. The planned improvements are rational and will help trucking do its job into the future, but this is before the politicians have got fully involved. Read more

Stability Control For All Trucks

Stability Control For All Trucks

Bringing in a measure to mandate stability control for all trucks seems to be approved of by many around the trucking industry. With the need to continue to improve safety outcomes for trucking, and the general community, this would seem to be a consensus view. Read more

What’s Going On in Mackay?

What’s Going On in Mackay?

The trucking industry in Central Queensland is asking what’s going on in Mackay? This is after the Mackay Regional Council (MRC) came up with new rules on heavy vehicle parking. Read more

No Room For Internal Bickering

In the light of the news Chris Melham is moving on from his post at the Australian Trucking Association, the trucking community must keep forging ahead. There is no room for internal bickering or territory battles, the industry is still facing major issues and needs to remain united and continue to fight the good fight. Read more

Take It Back To Sydney

With the slogan ‘Take It Back To Sydney’, NatRoad are showing a different way to approach the issues which directly affect the trucking industry. It seems the fight earlier in the year to bring down the RSRT has given the association a new lease of life. Read more

More United and More Proactive

Getting the industry more united and more proactive is the aim of Warren Clark in pushing forward the trucking agenda. Moving ahead with NatRoad is now the task for Clark, who took over as CEO at the Canberra HQ of the National Road Transport Association, better known as NatRoad last year. Read more