Linfox truck driver honoured

Linfox Truck Driver Honoured

The latest Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian named by the Australian Trucking Association sees a Linfox truck driver honoured following his remarkable actions and compassion at a multi-vehicle crash site in February.

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a big banger from Iveco

A Big Banger from Iveco

According to reports on European websites, including Commercial Motor, Iveco are about to release a new version of the Stralis, and included in those plans is a big banger from Iveco. Reports suggest a completely new cabin for the Stralis among a substantial range of new features.

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Hino trucks get smarter

Hino Trucks Get Smarter

The introduction of the new 500 Series Standard Cab has seen Hino trucks get smarter and reveals another step into the future with the Japanese truck maker. Diesel News takes a turn behind the wheel of Hino’s latest release.

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Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership

Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership

Cummins and Isuzu have announced another step forward in their partnership by entering into the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership agreement. The agreement formalises a business structure for the two companies to evaluate and carry out opportunities to jointly develop and bring new diesel and diesel-based powertrains to global markets.

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looking at the bigger picture

Looking at the Bigger Picture

As President and CEO of a global organisation like Scania Truck, Henrik Henriksson, is always looking at the bigger picture. He shares his views about the future of truck manufacturing with Diesel News.

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driving the new Kenworth T410 and T360

Driving the New Kenworth T410 and T360

It was a great opportunity, driving the new Kenworth T410 and T360, this is the next step for Kenworth in the process of integrating their new cabin concept across the whole range. Diesel News look the trucks for a short test drive.

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electric truck hits Australian streets

Electric Truck Hits Australian Streets

WM Waste Management Services’ new electric truck hits Australian streets this week, with the City of Casey the first local council in Victoria to put 100 per cent electric hard waste collection trucks into its rubbish collection service. 

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electric trucks in the spotlight

Electric Trucks in the Spotlight

At the CES (Consumer Electronic Show), in the US, electric trucks in the spotlight saw heavy truck makers make their own mini-exhibition of electric heavy trucks. Diesel News’ US Correspondent got to have a drive of a selection of the trucks on display.

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stylish, contemporary face for a freight vehicle

Stylish, Contemporary Face For a Freight Vehicle

Fiat Ducato sports a surprisingly stylish, contemporary face for a freight vehicle, complete with swept back headlight assemblies with the option of up-to-the-minute LED daytime running lights. It’s the sort of vehicle most delivery van drivers would be proud to park in their driveways.

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electric heavy duty trucks are appearing

Electric Heavy Duty Trucks Are Appearing

Electric cars are a hot topic globally, but electric heavy duty trucks are appearing in the portfolios of all of the major players, plus some newcomers, on the North American truck scene, Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports.

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