the rectangular shaped box

The Rectangular Shaped Box

There’s one aspect of large vans that continues basically unchanged across the generations, the rectangular shaped box of varying dimensions that comprises up to three-quarters of the vehicle. Clearly the simple reason is that this shape maximises the cargo carrying volume which is obviously the primary purpose for this type of vehicle.

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highway hero honoured

Highway Hero Honoured 

Lindsay Transport driver, Darren Cooke, is the latest highway hero honoured with the presentation of the Australian Trucking Association’s Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian award, after rescuing a fellow truck driver from a fire.

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on Aussie roads

On Aussie Roads

The Australian requirements for a prime mover on Aussie roads are unlike those anywhere else in the world. We are also a relatively small prime mover market in the greater scheme of things, but every truck manufacturer likes to have a photo in their boardroom of their prime mover hauling a road train on a dusty red road in Australia’s outback. It infers ruggedness, durability and strength.

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technology for intelligent trailers

Technology for Intelligent Trailers

The SAF-Holland Group will present the latest technology for intelligent trailers at the Brisbane Truck Show. With the SAF-Holland Group now including industry brand names such as SAF, Holland, Neway, V.Orlandi and York, there is much to see and talk about.

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experimental electric and connected vehicle

Experimental Electric and Connected Vehicle

Renault EZ-Flex is an experimental electric and connected vehicle designed for local deliveries, that is both compact and agile. It was created and designed for sustainable mobility and delivery efficiency in urban areas.

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pursuit of the best possible fuel economy

Pursuit of the Best Possible Fuel Economy

Cummins is continuing in its pursuit of the best possible fuel economy harnessed with optimum driveability and performance from its X15 engine in both the current Euro-5 and future Euro-6 guises. Paul Matthei was invited to experience the down-speeding of each engine variant from the driver’s chair on a return run from Coffs Harbour to Newcastle.

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trucks with Euro6 engines

Trucks With Euro 6 Engines

At the upcoming truck show in Brisbane the Iveco stand will extensively feature trucks with Euro 6 engines across its light, medium and heavy duty weight categories, including several that will be on public display in Australia for the first time.

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new boss at TCA

New Boss at TCA

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has announced the appointment of Stuart Ballingall as its new Executive General Manager (EGM), the new boss at TCA commences in the role on May 6.

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new bigger sleeper from Kenworth

New Bigger Sleeper from Kenworth

The new T610 1400mm aero roof sleeper is a new bigger sleeper from Kenworth. It completes the T610 range, the 1400mm  sleeper cab option is suitable for a variety of applications from single trailers to road trains and has been designed and engineered in Australia.

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