legislated freight rates are on the cards

Legislated Freight Rates are on the Cards

In the wake of the Transport Industry Standards Forum convened by Senator Glenn Sterle at Parliament House in Canberra, it looks like legislated freight rates are on the cards, if a Labor Government is formed after the coming federal election.

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a true Japanese prime mover

A True Japanese Prime Mover

In Australia we have seen plenty of Japanese heavy duty trucks but there has never really been a true Japanese prime mover, with the new Quon from UD, Diesel News reckons we may finally have one.

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a comprehensive Scania array

A Comprehensive Scania Array


At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show a comprehensive Scania array, of the Swedish truck maker’s New Truck Generation range will be on display in public for the first time in Australia.

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two Turkish technologies

Two Turkish Technologies

After his visit to Europe to check out new truck technology, Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, looks at two Turkish technologies which caught his eye, and the eyes of many industry observers, resulting in one of them being included in the International Truck of the Year.

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changing paradigms

Changing Paradigms

Japanese truck brands have set the agenda in terms of what is and what is not included in the price and which level of sophistication, in terms of equipment, is included, but the new Hino 500 may start changing paradigms in this part of the market.

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all-electric drivetrain under the hood

An All-electric Drivetrain Under the Hood

Given it was launched in 2009, the second- generation Renault Kangoo is no spring chicken, but by offering an all-electric drivetrain under the hood, the clever people at Renault have quite literally transformed the tireless little workhorse, according to Paul Matthei.

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back to business as usual

National Truck Rest Area Strategy Now

Perennial trucking industry advocate and campaigner, Rod Hannifey, is behind an initiative to get a National Truck Rest Area Strategy now. According to Rod there is no time to lose as the provision of rest areas deteriorates rather than improves.

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range anxiety

Range Anxiety

Diesel News’ man in Europe Will Shiers was suffering from range anxiety on his attempt to get into the record books by driving a natural gas-powered Iveco Stralis from London to Madrid on a single fill of LNG.

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ready made body

Ready Made Body

Fuso has refreshed its Ready Built range with a number of new ready made body options included in the model list. Diesel News took a look at the new models and drove a selection of them for a run around the city of Canberra.

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fatal crashes are down for trucks

Fatal Crashes are Down for Trucks

With the release of the latest accident figures by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE), the results show fatal crashes are down for trucks. The latest Fatal Heavy Vehicle Crashes Australia, Quarterly Bulletin for the last quarter of 2018 shows a drop of over 20 per cent in fatal crashes involving trucks.

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