building up a substantial business

Building up a Substantial Business

In a yard just off the main highway in Two Wells in the flat dusty Northern Suburbs of Adelaide, Gaetano Capaldi has worked hard building up a substantial business specialising in delivering chicken feed. Pulling into the yard, one of the workhorses for the company is being serviced. It’s a Western Star 4800 pulling a bulk tanker set up to handle the chicken feed.

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European brands are known for a comfortable ride

European Brands are Known for a Comfortable Ride

While the European brands are known for a comfortable ride and relative technological supremacy over North American counterparts, many were underpowered and slow in comparison and in an era when horsepower was king, this largely prevented them from being accepted by many operators back in the day.

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feeding the chooks

Feeding the Chooks

Gaetano Capaldi has a found a niche feeding the chooks in which to thrive and keep under the radar, out of sight of the big boys, based on the flat dusty Northern Suburbs of Adelaide, which are home to most of the trucking industry in Adelaide. From here the roads to Perth, Darwin, Sydney are all accessed without the grind through the city to the foot of the Adelaide Hills and the climb up to the road to Melbourne.

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big players on board to build a trucking apprenticeship

Big Players on Board to Build a Trucking Apprenticeship


The announcement of a joint initiative, to be called ‘Future Ready’, sees some big players on board to build a trucking apprenticeship program. NatRoad, Paccar and the Paccar Dealer Network have teamed up to drive this scheme forward to improve the number and quality of the people joining the trucking industry.

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the four letter F-word

The Four Letter F-word

The trucking industry is becoming concerned about the four letter F-word, and that word is, of course, fuel. In the Apple Isle Diesel News meets another convert to the search for better fuel economy.

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expanding its horizons in SA

Expanding its Horizons in SA

A small South Australian transport operation is extending out of the chicken feed business and expanding its horizons in SA and Diesel News talks to the trucking company’s owner Gaetano Capaldi.

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truck operators moving to European brands

Truck Operators Moving to European Brands

The steadily increasing trend of Australian truck operators moving to European brands is not just confined to the larger fleets. Paul Matthei met up with Tasmanian owner operator, Dave McCullagh, who recently bought a Scania R730 after owning a number of North American steeds.

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something called blockchain

Something Called Blockchain

We keep hearing about something called blockchain being about to change the freight world, but what is it? A speaker at the Global Heavy Vehicle Summit may have the answer.

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Aussie trucking on the up

Aussie Trucking on the Up

A report from ANZ analysts sees Aussie trucking on the up with positive figures reflecting an upturn in the fortunes of the industry. The ANZ research found ‘a noteworthy’ increase in revenue and margins for the trucking businesses surveyed and this is leading to increased capital expenditure.

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Young Vibrant Transport Operation

Here we have a young vibrant transport operation getting stuck in and getting the job done for its customers. Energy Logistix have made this and some other videos on YouTube to advertise their services.

The company specialises in customised and holistic logistics services for companies in the energy and mining sector. The company is based in Adelaide and the trucks spend a lot of time out in the remoter areas where their customers need supplies. No freight is too big or too small for this small family firm.

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