breaking truck sales records

Breaking Truck Sales Records

It looks pretty certain that at the end of 2018 the Australian truck market will be breaking truck sales records all over the place. These numbers suggest the Australian economy is stronger than it feels for many working people, but confirmed by consistent economic growth results.

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charging trucks for mass, distance and location

Charging Trucks for Mass, Distance and Location

The trucking industry will need to be prepared for the introduction of government charging trucks for mass, distance and location, with a new fee coming in to replace the current vehicle registration and fuel duty charges.

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running express, out West

Running Express, Out West

The key to growing a trucking business is keeping your options open, being as flexible as possible and doing the job right and this is true when running express, out West. Diesel News speaks to a Perth-based operator who seems to have hit the right note with customers, learning the lessons from problems early on.

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working for the major corporates

Working For the Major Corporates

Small transport operations find working for the major corporates to be a very onerous issue. They are more used to sub-contracting to larger transport operations or contracting with smaller businesses. One small operation based in Adelaide has taken the bull by the horns and is working for some of the big players in the energy and mining industries as a primary contractor.

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technology hype

Nikola Electric Truck May be Heading for Australia

Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports the recently unveiled Nikola electric truck may be heading for Australia. This week saw the unveiling of a new cabover truck from the pioneering Nikola brand in the US, aimed squarely at the European and Asia Pacific truck markets.

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new writer for Diesel on a record breaking run

New Writer for Diesel on a Record Breaking Run

An event organised in Europe has seen a new writer for Diesel on a record breaking run. Will Shiers from the UK will be taking over from regular European Correspondent, Brian Weatherley, in Diesel Magazine and Diesel News in 2019. Will drove an Iveco Stralis NP 460hp truck from the UK all the way to Madrid in Spain on one tank of LNG.

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supplier of logistics in remote areas

Supplier of Logistics in Remote Areas

Energy Logistix has grown to become a go-to supplier of logistics in remote areas for the energy industry and big miners as well as managing some major projects in and around Adelaide. The work is arduous and the conditions are tough. Everything is in a hurry and deadlines are tight. 

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total end to end transport solutions

Total End to End Transport Solutions

There’s a new operation working in a specialised field out of Adelaide which is kicking goals with big corporate clients with its quality of total end to end transport solutions. Diesel News talks to one of the young leaders in the business.

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building up a substantial business

Building up a Substantial Business

In a yard just off the main highway in Two Wells in the flat dusty Northern Suburbs of Adelaide, Gaetano Capaldi has worked hard building up a substantial business specialising in delivering chicken feed. Pulling into the yard, one of the workhorses for the company is being serviced. It’s a Western Star 4800 pulling a bulk tanker set up to handle the chicken feed.

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European brands are known for a comfortable ride

European Brands are Known for a Comfortable Ride

While the European brands are known for a comfortable ride and relative technological supremacy over North American counterparts, many were underpowered and slow in comparison and in an era when horsepower was king, this largely prevented them from being accepted by many operators back in the day.

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