Trucking Territory Style

Trucking Territory Style

The fuel operation run by John Fraser is definitely trucking Territory style. The business operates out of Katherine providing a dedicated delivery service in the Territory for IOR Petroleum.

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Keep an Eye on Things

Keep an Eye on Things

Responsibility and liability are important in any trucking business, operators need to keep an eye on things. One operator in Queensland has developed an innovative way of keeping an eye on things in the fleet and talks to Diesel News about the system used. Read more

ATT Logistics is a Common Sight on Trailers

Travelling around the roads of SE Queensland, the transport company name ATT Logistics is a common sight on trailers heading to and fro. What you won’t see is any trucks bearing the company logo. The reason? They don’t own any trucks.

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State-of-the-Art Control Systems

Using a state-of-the-art control system and working out of a yard where the outer north-west of Sydney’s sprawl meets the farming land it is swallowing wholesale, Parklea Sand and Soil is one of the many fleets busily ferrying bulk materials around the Sydney region, supplying everything from sand and gravel to mulch and topsoil to large-scale developers, landscapers and the weekend warrior.

The operation has been running its innovative telematics system for more than two years. Over this time, the process has been developed and slowly integrated into the business.
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Fuel Hauling in the Northern Territory

John Fraser has been running a business fuel hauling in the Northern Territory for over a decade. His transport operation has been working for IOR Petroleum for 12 years, starting with one truck and then going to two trailers.

The operation currently run two trucks and has another undergoing restoration. There are two trucks on fuel full time, plus one subcontractor. The trucks include a 700hp Volvo rigid with three trailers, and a Kenworth K200 tri-axle prime mover pulling three trailers. Read more

Mixing the Old with the New

Diesel News meets an operator in Sydney’s west who is a prime example of mixing the new with the old to get results. We all know we have to move with the times, but, at the same time, we don’t want to lose the values that were so important when setting up a business.

There is a stereotypical image of the type of trucking operation we expect to embrace the latest technology to get ahead in business, with a dynamic, young management group driving change, using modern trucks with slick artwork on the doors. This picture is very unlike Parklea Sand and Soil, who is very much a traditional-style operator, running some legacy trucks and using one the few proper sign writers left in the Sydney area. Read more

Patience is a Virtue at Linfox

It’s such a simple message but well worth saying over and over, yes, patience is a virtue at Linfox. The message, which needs to be heard by the whole industry and which this video hits again and again, is to take your time. It isn’t a race, there is no prize for coming in first.

Number one, we need drivers to understand the most important thing about their job is for the freight to get there without anyone getting hurt. Easier said than done, because a lot of the messaging that comes from other sources is telling them to get a move on. Read more

Everything Has To Do With Scale

In the Northern Territory everything has to do with scale – it represents 18 per cent of Australia’s land area but is home to just one per cent of the country’s population. Diesel News talked with an operator tasked with distributing fuel across the Territory.

Sitting in a modest industrial unit in Katherine in the Northern Territory, and talking to the owner of the operation, John Fraser, it’s easy to think of the operation run by the genial, relaxed man in battered shorts and a shirt, with a dusty baseball cap, as a small concern. However, start talking about the task the company handles, plus the area covered and customers serviced, and you soon realise this is a big operation in a big country, using big trucks.

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Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

Keeping Tankers On The Road

SRH Milk Haulage commenced operations in October 1996 with one truck and tanker, keeping tankers on the road for bulk milk cartage to dairy farmers production plant at Hexham, New South Wales.

As SRH operate such a large fleet of milk haulage trucks, its prime movers and tankers accumulate hours and kilometres at a rapid rate. Maintenance and servicing of the fleet is a critical part of the operation. To ensure the fleet delivers their customers the best possible service and reliability, SRH insists upon and maintains a very high standard of equipment and experienced staff.

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The Subject of Rollovers

For livestock transporters, the subject of rollovers is particularly delicate. Much of the livestock transporting industry runs with trucks at 4.6 metres in overall height. This obviously creates a high centre of gravity in a load which can also move about on a vehicle. A recipe for disaster.

Safety issues are constantly being looked at in all transport, but different aspects of the issues are of interest to different sectors. The science behind rollovers is little understood in the trucking industry and Mike Robertson, Managing Director and Engineering Manager at Engistics, took on the subject for the livestock community to help bring the issues into a clearer light.

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