improve productivity in productivity improvements

Improve productivity in productivity improvements

According to a report released today, one of the issues facing the Australian economy and specifically the trucking industry is the need to improve productivity in productivity improvements. We’re spending billions of dollars on infrastructure to improve productivity, but the productivity involved in creating this infrastructure is not very high. Read more

major changes needed

Major changes needed 

Looking at what else is in this week’s Diesel News, it would seem that there are major changes needed in the trucking industry and road transport and the government need to be ready to introduce changes in order to meet the challenges of the ever-growing freight task which faces us. Read more

who pays for the roads?

Who Pays for the Roads? 

There are a number of issues which are affecting the trucking industry this year which shows where the industry could be going over the issue of who pays for the roads? There are certainly some changes ahead and the industry needs to make sure it has a justifiable and united position when the latest developments come to a head. Read more

who wants to be a truck driver?

Who Wants to be a Truck Driver?

If you were to interview a group of school leavers in Year 12 and ask the question, who wants to be a truck driver? How many positive responses would you get? The answer would be not many, if any. Very few of our young people are fired up with the romantic vision of being a knight of the open road and get to see our wonderful country from the cabin of a state of the art truck. Read more

Rural Trucking Matters

Rural Trucking Matters

As part of our new Rural Trucking Matters series, the Question being asked by the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association’s Executive Director, Mathew Munro is, “Heavy Vehicle Charging Reform: Threat or Opportunity?” Here are Mathew’s thoughts on the matter: Read more

commonsense and rationality? Never! 

Common sense and rationality? Never!

The latest issues paper has been released by the National Transport Commission in the long winded process to completely rebuild from the ground up the Heavy Vehicle National Law, and it seems to be calling for common sense and rationality? Never!
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when a local issue becomes a national problem

When a Local Issue Becomes a National Problem

The fact that I drove past one particular work site three times this week started me thinking about what happens when a local issue becomes a national problem. Sometimes, there are problems which blow up in a very specific area, but the way they play out and how they are handled could have implications for people thousands of kilometres away in similar situations, when precedents are set. Read more

crossing the borderline

Crossing the Borderline

Here in Australia we all complain about the problem involved in crossing the borderline with a truck. Things have been getting a lot better in recent years, but there is still clear disparity between the way regulations are written and interpreted from state to state. Read more

suffering from fatigue fatigue

Suffering From Fatigue Fatigue

Perhaps many people in the trucking industry are suffering from fatigue fatigue, but now is not the time for slacking off, we need to wake up and get working. There is plenty of work to be done, mainly consultation about the fatigue provisions which will be included in the new Heavy Vehicle National Law, to be premiered next year by the National Transport Commission.

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the return of the RSRT

The Return of the RSRT

Now might be a good time to start preparing for the return of the RSRT. In the wake of the defeat of the Labor Party at the recent election some people in the industry may be thinking that the plans and minimum rates reforms being spruiked by Senator Sterle and the Transport Workers Union have gone away. They have gone away, for now, but they may well come back.

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