industry need to start getting smarter

Industry Need to Start Getting Smarter

The survey released this week by ANZ analysing the trucking industry shows us the smaller operations in the industry need to start getting smarter. As margins are squeezed by the general economic conditions, the big boys in the industry can afford to wait it out and take a lower margin in their overall business.

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no more about autonomous trucks

No More About Autonomous Trucks

After the media reported the ride sharing company Uber would be dropping it’s driverless truck program, the general public probably believe they will hear no more about autonomous trucks. They may be right, they may be wrong. Autonomous trucks might not appear in the general media, but they will be big in the plans of the truck makers and the trucking industry.

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make sure we know what we don’t know

Make Sure We Know What We Don’t Know

One of the most important aspects of getting it right in the trucking world is for government and industry to make sure we know what we don’t know. Two stories in this week’s newsletter illustrate this point very well.

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we started off with a fantastic idea

We Started Off With a Fantastic Idea

With Performance Based Standards we started off with a fantastic idea. We Australians are very good at great ideas. Then came the part where drilling down to the details created the basic tenets of the scheme and how it would work. 

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To Dob or Not to Dob, That is the Question

Reading the news about a confidential hotline where truck drivers and supply chain workers can call a hotline to report potential safety breaches left me in quandary, to dob or not to dob, that is the question. The announcement this week by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator sees a confidential 1800 number being set up for concerned people in the supply chain to raise concerns.

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do we really care about fuel consumption?

Do We Really Care About Fuel Consumption?

The trucking industry in Australia needs to ask itself this question, do we really care about fuel consumption? Rationally, the answer should of course be yes, but don’t listen to what we say, look at what we actually do.

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no future for hydrogen fuel cell trucks

No Future for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

After analysing the way some new technologies work a global expert in road transport has concluded there is no future for hydrogen fuel cell trucks, if the goal is sustainability. Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in alternatives to diesel engines to power trucks with a number of well hyped projects using electric or fuel cell power hitting the headlines.

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truckies talking to cops

Truckies Talking to Cops

This week has seen the third in a series of events where there are truckies talking to cops, but in a nice way. There has been a positive reaction on the part of the truckies involved, someone is listening to them.

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Queen’s honour for one of the good guys

Queen’s Honour For One of the Good Guys

On the Queen’s Birthday this week, the trucking industry received a Queen’s honour for one of the good guys. Trevor Martyn has been around the trucking industry for a long career and retained a positive forward thinking attitude to the industry and its issues throughout those years. 

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