finding a long term fix for PBS

Finding a Long Term Fix for PBS

The transport ministers of Australia have signed off on a package of reforms, which are all about finding a long term fix for PBS. We have been living with the reality of the Performance Based Standards for quite a few years now and it looks like a very different beast from the one which was described to us by the campaigners who got it up in the first place.

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are electronic work diaries worth it?

Are Electronic Work Diaries Worth It?

This week saw the beginning of the process to approve EWDs, but the question should be asked, are electronic work diaries worth it? Is there a sound reason for bringing them into the already complicated regulatory environment at a time when there a lot of other changes happening in this area? Read more

Roughing It in a Parking Bay Overnight 

Roughing It in a Parking Bay Overnight 

It’s good to see someone like Ben Maguire roughing it in a parking bay overnight and not only living to tell the tale, but making a serious point about some basic rights for truckies. It should be a human right for anyone working away from home to have access to toilets, lighting and water. Read more

PBS Access Schmozzle

PBS Access Schmozzle

This week’s Global Heavy Vehicle Leaders summit threw up a great illustration of the PBS access schmozzle and its implications for both trucking operators and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. 

In a conference situation a trucking operator, Paul Cootes, who is frustrated with the road blocks to getting a final sign off from local road managers to allow access for PBS tippers, took the opportunity to get stuck into Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO, about the slowness of the access decision-making. Read more

Getting With the Program

Getting With the Program

If the trucking industry, as it stands, wants to make it in the modern world, it’s all about getting with the program. There is going to be no opportunity to carry on doing it like we used to anymore, the world has changed.

As we are so often told, our industry consists of one hell of a lot of small fleets. The number often quoted is 75 per cent of the trucking operators have less than five trucks. We can add to that number a large swathe of fleets with fewer than 100 trucks as well. Read more

A Certain Kind of Character

Remain Vigilant

Things seem to be going quite well for the trucking industry, but we must remain vigilant. While progress is being made on many fronts, and although it may sometimes appear glacial, the industry needs to keep its eye on the ball in the next few months.

The political parties are clearly gearing up for the forthcoming election and starting to lay out the battlegrounds where the tit-for-tat name calling and media bites will be targeted in the coming months. Read more

Getting With the Program

Listening to New Voices

This week some people in the trucking industry and even some from the regulators are listening to new voices on the subject of fatigue. The event in question is the Fatigue Hack-a-thon which is being held in parallel to the Australian Trucking Association’s annual Truck Australia conference, which is being held in Canberra this week. Read more

Getting With the Program

Trucking Boom?

Are we in the middle of a trucking boom? The rocketing figures released this week for the first quarter of 2018 would suggest there is plenty of confidence out there and trucks are walking off the show room floor at a fair clip. Read more

Getting With the Program

Mounting a Rational Argument

There was a breath of fresh air with trucking mounting a rational argument on ABC Radio this week. It makes a pleasant change to hear sensible truckie voices being able to discuss the industry’s issues openly with a presenter who was able to empathise with trucking folk. Read more

Getting With the Program

Promises, Promises, Promises

The trucking industry needs to make sure the latest infrastructure announcements aren’t just promises, promises, promises. The planned improvements are rational and will help trucking do its job into the future, but this is before the politicians have got fully involved. Read more