the future of the black box

The Future of the Black Box

Truck development is at a tipping point, in electronics terms, the future of the black box will see integration of functionality into a single system. Diesel News talks to one of the suppliers of these systems, Directed Technologies. Read more

new Hino 500 models out on the road

New Hino 500 Models Out on the Road

Diesel News got the opportunity to take a couple of new Hino 500 models out on the road, south out of Sydney, into and then up and an over the Illawarra region. This is a good workout for a new driveline, tackling some serious grades, plus a chance to test out the latest in safety technology in the busy traffic of the area.  Read more

Hino trucks get smarter

Hino Trucks Get Smarter

The introduction of the new 500 Series Standard Cab has seen Hino trucks get smarter and reveals another step into the future with the Japanese truck maker. Diesel News takes a turn behind the wheel of Hino’s latest release.

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changes in the new Hino 500

Changes in the New Hino 500

Although there are a lot of changes in the new Hino 500 standard cab and when compared to it’s predecessor, there are two major items which stand out. These are the features which are going to push the Hino medium duty truck closer to the top of many shopping lists. 

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changing paradigms

Changing Paradigms

Japanese truck brands have set the agenda in terms of what is and what is not included in the price and which level of sophistication, in terms of equipment, is included, but the new Hino 500 may start changing paradigms in this part of the market.

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a Great Leap Forward for Hino

A Great Leap Forward for Hino

With the introduction of the new 500 Series Standard Cab range this year, it looks like it’s a Great Leap Forward for Hino in its standing in the Australian market. Diesel News went to Japan to speak to the engineers, both from Australia and Japan, who have developed the latest model for the Australian market.

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Hino’s great leap forward

Hino’s Great Leap Forward

The release of the new 500 Series Standard Cab range may be seen as Hino’s great leap forward. The innovations in the new model range take the model well beyond its competitors in this market segment, in terms of electronic safety equipment offered as standard.

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new look Hino unveiled

New Look Hino Unveiled

In advance of its launch in November in Australia there’s a new look Hino unveiled, in the form of the Hino 500 Standard Cab range. The new look truck will join the Hino 500 Wide Cab range, launched last year and kicking some goals for the Japanese truck maker.

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this is not an 18 tonne GVM truck

This is Not an 18 Tonne GVM Truck

The model Diesel News took out on the road this time is the Hino GH 1832, but this is not an 18 tonne GVM truck. By fitting a lifting pusher axle the GVM goes up to the mid twenties. This is not an issue, this 320 hp nine litre engine has got power and torque to burn, making it able to cope at max GVM with relative ease.

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