the conventional contenders

The Conventional Contenders

The short BBC conventional B-double prime mover market is dominated by Kenworth, especially with the T610 arriving, but, what about the conventional contenders in this segment? In the next issue of Diesel Magazine, we look at two of these, the International ProStar and the Western Star 5800SS, to see what they have to offer.

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Bigger 6x2 Choice

Bigger 6×2 Choice

Truck buyers at the lighter end of the heavy duty market now have a bigger 6×2 choice, with the soft introduction of the Western Star 2800SS. These trucks are up against still competition from the four Japanese brands, who all offer an array of choices at 6×2. None of them have a bonnet, though. This distinguishing feature has a lot of history in Australia and is attractive to many truck buyers. Read more

Bringing a Truck in Through the Back Door

Bringing a Truck in Through the Back Door

In a soft sell approach, by bringing a truck in through the back door, the Western Star 2800SS model’s entry into the Australian truck market through Penske’s-house rental fleet, is a softly, softly approach. The trucks may be on our streets with Penske blue stripes on the body, but they are available to the average truck buyer through Penske dealerships. Read more

Soft Sell Truck

Soft Sell Truck

After a big presentation in 2015, the Western Star 2800 seems to have become a soft sell truck. It had disappeared from the radar, before reappearing last year, in the Penske Truck Rental colours. Diesel News puts the conventional light heavy rigid through its paces. Read more

Eaton and Cummins Getting Closer

This video from the US shows us Eaton and Cummins getting closer as they offer a more integrated driveline to US truck buyers. This particular AMT has just gone on sale in the US and is not destined to appear here for some time.

The gearbox is part of a comprehensive program where Eaton and Cummins are working very closely together to come up with a fully integrated package. The engine and transmission communicate seamlessly with each other and with whichever truck they are fitted into. Read more

Keeping Track of Tippers

In a busy operations office, it’s difficult keeping track of tippers. Tippers run grain from the farmer’s paddock into grain storage at harvest time, and haul grain out of storage facilities to the ports, or wherever it is bound, for the rest of the year.

“We started in trucks back in 1998,” says Peter Parslow, Castlemac Traders (CMT) Operations Manager and Freight Coordinator. “CMT was formed as the transport division of Agrigrain. They are a seed business and grain trader, so we needed trucks to cart our own seed. We had had some people cart some seed for us and it had got contaminated. Read more

The Trucks of Instagram

More pictures of the trucks of Instagram, as all around Australia truckies are taking photos of the things they love, their trucks.

Here we have the Nice night scene of the 200th truck Read more

Top Female Driver, Australian Truck Manufacturing, Penske Dealership Change and Autonomous Trucks

In the news this week have been a Top Female Driver, Australian Truck Manufacturing, Penske Dealership Change and Autonomous Trucks and the need for supporting infrastructure.

Tasmanian Kerri Connors, of Caltas, was named winner of the 2017 Volvo Drivers’ Fuel Challenge on-road category in a competition which put Australia’s most fuel-efficient drivers head to head. The off-road title was claimed by Cameron Simpson of Simpson’s Fuel in Victoria. Over a two-day event at Mt Cotton in Queensland, the competition was whittled down from 17 drivers in the semi-final, to nine in the final. Read more

New Mack Launch, New Benz Unveiled, Diesel from the US and Show and Shine

This week on Diesel News we have a New Mack Launch, a New Benz Unveiled, Diesel from the US and Show and Shine on the agenda.

This video is one of a series of teasers being released by Mack in the US in the lead up to the revealing of the new range on 13 September. Of course, Australian Mack trucks are a different range. However, new features added into the US range will likely start appearing in the Macks here in Australia in time. Read more