Tony Kerr’s return to trucks

Tony Kerr’s Return to Trucks

An announcement this week by Isuzu about Tony Kerr’s return to trucks will see the company’s Sales Department bolstered with the appointment of Tony as National Fleet Sales Manager. Tony brings with him a broad but intensive 30-year career across the truck industry, in the light, medium and heavy duty weight categories. 

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the lifting pusher axle is on the rise

The Lifting Pusher is on the Rise

Truck manufacturers seem to have discovered a new niche in the market, the lifting pusher axle is on the rise and is appearing in a Diesel test drive for the third time in eight months. This time Diesel News runs the Hino GH through its paces.

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return of the Reo

Return of the Reo

A talking point for many of the trucking community is the return of the Reo, the re-emergence of an iconic truck brand on Australian roads.

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the CASE for electric vehicles

The CASE for Electric Vehicles.

The four major developments happening in the truck technology market around the world have become known as the CASE for electric vehicles, an acronym for connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, shared vehicles and last, but not least, electric vehicles.

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Benz could introduce drones, a new Sprinter and PRO

Benz Could Introduce Drones, a New Sprinter and PRO on a Global Scale

As part of its worldwide strategy Mercedes Benz could introduce drones, a new Sprinter and PRO on a Global Scale. Nearly two years ago the company came out with its Sprinter-based concept ‘last-mile’ delivery van that featured a pair of drones that would deliver to retail customers. That concept involved customer lock-boxes to keep shipments safe until collected by the recipients. 

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examining the latest development in electric delivery vans

Examining the Latest Development in Electric Delivery Vans

The global local delivery scene is examining the latest development in electric delivery vans. This area is changing fast and Diesel News’ US Correspondent takes a look at a few of the developments in the US and Europe which may eventually find their way to Australia.

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credible improved fuel consumption claims

Credible Improved Fuel Consumption Claims

As a result of credible improved fuel consumption claims, Scania trucks started to appear, in recent years, in the big fleets and market share has grown substantially, hitting the heady heights of 8.3 per cent market share in 2017, selling 1,003 trucks.

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Heading Outback with a Scania B-triple

Here’s a short video Diesel News captured heading outback with a Scania B-triple. Filmed soon after dawn on the road from Charleville to Cunnamulla in South West Queensland, the Scania was pulling over 70 tonnes GCM.

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