using the truck to pay

Using the Truck to Pay

A development team at Daimler Trucks is working on a project using the truck to pay for items like road tolls, fuel, subcontractors and other bills. The project has developed the ability of trucks to autonomously communicate with other machines and carry out legally-binding transactions.  Read more

truck development is at a tipping point

Truck Development is at a Tipping Point

Black boxes have been added to truck cabins and now it’s time to integrate the functionality into a single system, truck development is at a tipping point, in electronics terms. Diesel News talks to one of the suppliers of these systems, Directed Technologies. Read more

flexibility in the fleet

Flexibility in the Fleet 

According to Steve Davidge and his wife Sam, who run a small operation from a modest yard on the edge of Temora NSW, it’s important to keep flexibility in the fleet. Typical of transport businesses in the area, their operation serves the agricultural industry with sets of tippers geared to handle the cyclical changes of location and product as the seasons change. Read more

a new generation of Japanese prime movers

A New Generation of Japanese Prime Movers

The globalisation of the truck manufacturing industry is leading to improvements in the level of technology available in a new generation of Japanese prime movers. Now it is the turn for Fuso to come up with a heavy duty prime mover loaded with European sophistication, Diesel News takes a prototype for a drive. Read more

new heavy duty brand in town

New Heavy Duty Brand in Town

There’s a new heavy duty brand in town and from a new source country, South Korea. On first impressions, people might be surprised by the sophistication of the new Hyundai Xcient prime mover which has recently arrived from South Korea. Read more

low-entry cabs on the streets of London

Low Entry Cabs on the Streets of London

Going Global’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, explores the UK’s growing demand for low-entry cabs on the streets of London, and gets behind the wheel of the market-leading Mercedes-Benz Econic. Read more

driver comforts from Renault

Driver Comforts From Renault

The design of most of its product will always look a little quirky, but it is the driver comforts from Renault which stand out. The company doesn’t go for the conventional if it can demonstrate a little style or introduce a little Gallic ingenuity. This is the case, even in the work horse, Master van, which Diesel News took for a test drive. Read more

eActros is in operation at logistics company

eActros is in Operation at Logistics Company

A battery electric Mercedes-Benz eActros is in operation at logistics company Logistik Schmitt, located near Rastatt in southern Germany. Practical testing of the all-electric truck has been carried out in the region over the course of several years now and, as part of this, comparative drives with the eWayBW catenary project are also planned to take place in the Murg valley and surrounding areas.  Read more

8x2 rigid version of the New Truck Generation

8×2 Rigid Version of the New Truck Generation

With a continual drive to lower the fuel consumption of its trucks, Scania has introduced a P 360 8×2 rigid version of the New Truck Generation range, targeted squarely at urban distribution roles. Paul Matthei took a loaded unit for a jaunt over the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and returned with an extraordinary fuel figure. Read more

logging operation add Astra

Logging Operation Add Astra

Looking for a robust off road truck to handle the tough conditions a Western Australian logging operation add Astra to their all wheel drive working fleet. The Astra brand has had limited visibility in Australia, but elsewhere in the world has proven a useful add-on to the Iveco brand in some of the more rugged country’s truck markets. For example, it has been the top selling truck brand in Iceland. Read more