efficient and innovative distribution

Efficient and Innovative Distribution

The local economy in regional towns like Bendigo needs an efficient and innovative distribution set-up in order for local businesses to thrive, get supplies from the city and distribute their goods locally and into the large centres of population.  Read more

Isuzu taking over UD Trucks

Isuzu Taking Over UD Trucks

A non-binding Memorandum of Understanding between Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors has been signed to pave the way towards Isuzu taking over UD Trucks. According to a statement released the idea is ‘to form a strategic alliance within commercial vehicles in order to capture the opportunities in the ongoing transformation of the industry’.
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a strong performer from the driver’s seat

A Strong Performer From the Driver’s Seat

The new Hyundai Xcient, the all new South Korean prime mover, is a strong performer from the driver’s seat. In terms of driver ergonomics, it works well. all of the controls are easy to access and effective when needed.  Read more

Scania and Cummins with a new fuel efficient engine

Scania and Cummins With a New Fuel Efficient Engine

A new inline six cylinder has resulted after Scania and Cummins with a new fuel efficient engine. Cummins and Scania have been long-term partners in engine and component development. Technology shared includes turbos and high pressure diesel injection systems. Read more

medium-duty trucks rarely break away from the ‘burbs

Medium-Duty Trucks Rarely Break away From the ‘Burbs

While many medium-duty trucks rarely break away from the ‘burbs, there are some that do the long highway hauls just like their big brothers. Paul Matthei set off from Brisbane bound for Sydney via Tamworth and Dubbo to evaluate the performance of Hino’s all-new 500 Series Standard Cab in the wide-open spaces Read more

1,260,000km while still wearing its original brake pads

1,260,000km While Still Wearing its Original Brake Pads 

Nick Apostolovski’s 2012 Scania R 560 which formerly did the fish run between Melbourne and Sydney has notched 1,260,000km while still wearing its original brake pads with plenty of life remaining. Nick, with the help of his wife, Daniela, runs a diverse haulage business called NAD Transport. 

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workhorse of the trucking industry

Workhorse of the Trucking Industry

The kind of truck on test in Diesel News this week is the workhorse of the trucking industry. Our assessment took the new UD Quon eight litre CD 25 360 out for a test drive including a climb of the Toowoomba range and a trip around the twist and turns in a number of urban delivery locations in Brisbane. This is the kind of work this truck can expect to be involved with in its normal working life. Read more

electric truck solution for Ikea

Electric Truck Solution for Ikea

Queensland transport operator, All Purpose Transport, is now offering an electric truck solution for Ikea and its other customers, with the introduction of an electric delivery vehicle into the fleet.  Read more

this is where Accos go to die

This is Where Accos Go to Die

Ever wondered what happened to all of those waste trucks emptying bins all over Australia go after their use by date is up, well this is where Accos go to die. Working in the paddocks of Western Australia. The waste body is removed and the PTO and hydraulics come in handy as they are transformed into hay bale stackers. Read more