Smarter Drivelines

The trucking world now has a wide range of smarter drivelines available in a wide range of trucks on the Australian market. We are used to the Europeans coming up with cutting edge electronics and offering the latest and greatest. Read more

Preventative Maintenance is Vital

Latest in Engine Technology

In a tour of the Columbus Technical Centre, Diesel News’ US correspondent, Steve Sturgess saw Cummins present the latest in engine technology, saying that for many markets diesel engines will be the best solution for decades to come. The latest products are claimed to be the most commonly used power on American roads today. New versions of the X15 and lightweight X12 engines were introduced in early 2017 and are engineered for optimal performance and power, while offering class-leading fuel economy from advanced air handling and fuel system controls.

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LNG And All That Gas

The price of diesel goes up a little bit and immediately LNG and all that gas comes back into the reckoning. The margins in road transport are so slim, only a small incremental change can tip the balance between fuel options. Read more

Cummins Unveiled Its All-Electric Powertrain

In the US recently, Cummins unveiled its all-electric powertrain demonstration truck in its home city of Columbus, Indiana. The event took many by surprise, with Cummins is underscoring the move to electric traction – as the environmental alternative to diesel – as a power choice for vocations that can use it going into the next decade.

Based on what appeared to be an International Class 7 cab and chassis, heavily modified by Detroit engineering and performance house Rousch Engineering, the two-axle Aeos featured a production-intent Cummins electric power module, and a single, direct-drive motor and battery pack.
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New Paccar AMT, Terrorism Alert and Electric Vans

In the news this week from Diesel News, there is a New Paccar AMT, Terrorism Alert and Electric Vans, in reports from around the world.

In the US, Paccar has released an automated manual transmission (AMT) specifically designed to work with the Paccar MX engine. Coming in at under 300kg in weight, it is 90kg lighter than the 10-speed Eaton AMT it is intended to replace.

The gearbox has been developed from the ground up as an AMT and not as a manual transmission with automatic activators. It has been developed by Eaton for Paccar with input from Cummins, as part of the close technology cooperation between the transmission and engine maker.

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Electric Power For Cummins, Fuel Cells and Hybrid Vans

This week, alternative power for trucks is on the agenda with Electric Power For Cummins, Fuel Cells and Hybrid Vans in Diesel News.

A Belgian hydrogen technology company has won a European Union grant to develop a new extended range fuel cell truck. The H2Share Project will see a 27-tonne electric, fuel cell-extended range, rigid truck going into service, with the chassis and body provided by Dutch manufacturer VDL.

The truck will be developed alongside its own mobile refuelling system, which is being coordinated by German technology firm Wystrach. The truck will be put on trial in six locations across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. The aim is to demonstrate the long-term viability of hydrogen fuel cells for long distances, as well as urban applications, with a view to creating a technology roadmap for the rollout of a proper hydrogen fuel cell refuelling network for road transport in northern Europe.
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Cummins Eaton Collaboration

The ongoing Cummins Eaton collaboration comes to the fore with the new Cummins X15 in developing a more fuel-efficient powertrain package. The two companies claim to have best-in-class engine-transmission integration in the heavy-duty truck market, a claim emphasising just how important integration has become to providing a more fuel efficient, reliable and robust powertrain package.

Importantly, a lot of engineering work has been done locally by Cummins and Eaton to ensure the integration delivers engine and transmission performance suited to Australian and New Zealand operating conditions.

The X15 features ADEPT (Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain Technology), a suite of electronic engine features capable of improving fuel economy by up to six per cent, according to Cummins. ADEPT is designed to work specifically with Eaton’s UltraShift Plus 18-speed automated manual transmission to make powertrain control decisions in real time.
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New Cummins Engines Coming to Australia in 2017

After their launch in the US, there will be new Cummins engines coming to Australia in 2017. Cummins has announced it will release the X15 Euro 5 in 2017. This is an evolutionary development of the 15-litre ISXe5.

“The X15 uses the same hardware and emissions reduction technology, SCR, as the existing ISXe5, and incorporates all the product improvements since the ISXe5 release in 2012, including power cylinder, cylinder head and turbocharger upgrades,” said Andrew Penca, Managing Director Cummins South Pacific. “The X15 features ADEPT technology, a suite of advanced electronic features capable of delivering fuel economy gains through improved powertrain integration.

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Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

QuickServe from Cummins

QuickServe from Cummins is a key focus of Cummins and at the engine maker’s Carole Park, Brisbane facility, this starts when the truck rolls in the driveway. It’s the driver’s first port of call, where the truck is checked over by a technician who diagnoses the problem and reports back to the truck owner within the hour. This way the owner knows, upfront, the diagnosis and time line of the repair and can reschedule workloads accordingly. Read more