Australian Electric Truck Trial

Beginning next year, an Australian electric truck trial will feature the new Fuso eCanter. The truck has been involved in real-world trials in Portugal and Germany, and the latest eCanter features an upgraded drive system and new design. Fuso confirmed the eCanter will be involved in a trial with key customer fleets next year.

Fuso revealed the third generation of the all-electric light duty truck at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover last week. The new eCanter uses a permanent synchronous electric motor with an output of 185 kW and torque of 380 Nm. Power is transferred to the rear axle by a standard single-speed transmission. Read more

Electric Trucks

64 per cent savings in operating costs are being claimed as results for an electric truck trial are being published. Customer field trials with eight Fuso Canter E-Cell trucks in Portugal began in mid-2014. The Canters were permanently monitored and analysed during the one-year field trial.

The trucks travelled 51,500 km without a problem, demonstrating operating ranges of up to 109 km. The most used Canter E-Cell was in service with the Transporta parcel service company and completed a distance of over 14,000 km during the one-year trial. Read more

Electric truck trial

A real world one year trial of electric trucks has taken place in Portugal, with initial results suggesting substantial savings in running costs. First findings from the trials with eight Fuso Canter E-Cell trucks in Portugal indicate the trucks proved adequate for everyday use in short range delivery and inner city transportation. Read more

Getting it right

Customer feedback regarding the automatic transmission performance and steering in Fuso’s Heavy truck range means changes have been made to correct and improve some issues.

Drivers had reported losing momentum during gear changes in some conditions. After conducting a test program, two improvements have been put into place by Fuso. The clutch engagement phase timing has been shortened to deliver a faster gear-shift and the shift map has been improved to allow transmission ‘down’ changes at higher revs when the vehicle is decelerating. Read more

Truck sales still soft

After a period in which truck sales figures have been depressed, the latest sales numbers for May, published by the Truck Industry Council, are not giving us signs of recovery, and are still down on last year’s figures. After a period where heavy duty showed signs of recovery while medium and light duty remained in the doldrums, the situation now sees all segments staying around the same levels and slightly below where they were 12 months ago. Read more

Shake-up for Daimler in Australia

Daimler Trucks here in Australia has gone through a change at the top as a part of global management restructure, throughout the group. The various brands and functions within the group will now be overseen by a series of General Managers. The Daimler Truck and Bus Australia/Pacific is now included in the remit of Daimler Trucks North America, based in Portland Oregon and controlling Freightliner and Western Star across North America. Read more