Penske plans for Australia

In a earnings call for the Penske Automotive Group at the end of the first quarter, the management group of the multinational automotive company took questions from analysts on the results so far and plans for the future. Read more

The ascent of MAN

Some quality video footage of MAN trucks in Australia started to appear some time last year and impressed with the quality of imagery it used and positive realism about truck tasks. The videos have made their way to YouTube but have not been seen more broadly.

The latest release tells the story of an elevated platform on a large 8×8 MAN, sit back and enjoy.

Last year the story of a truck in the Cameron Group fleet appeared:

Penske very interested in Australia

Talking to an audience of analysts and journos at the earnings call for the Penske Automotive Group in the USA, this week, the company’s Chairman of the Board and CEO, Roger Penske talked about the company’s move into Australia after the purchase of the of Transpacific’s Commercial Vehicle Group, which imports and sells the Western Star, MAN and Dennis Eagle brands in Australia. The organisation is now known as Penske Commercial Vehicles. Read more