Cummins Integrated Powertrain program

Cummins Integrated Powertrain Program 

Mike Fowler, Cummins’ On-Highway Engine Director, is the man charged with overseeing the Cummins Integrated Powertrain program to ensure optimum results are achieved for Cummins’ customers. His prowess as a multi-combination driver means he is often behind the wheel of test trucks wired with fuel consumption meters and other testing paraphernalia while running up and down the highways.

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complete solution capability

Complete Solution Capability

MaxiTrans will be demonstrating its complete solution capability and its commitment to providing reliable support throughout the MaxiTrans national network. The company will also be emphasising its end-to-end capability by showcasing MaxiParts and MaxiTrans Servicing, as well as its recently acquired Live Bottom Floor solution, Trout River Australia.

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DD16 released for the first time

DD 16 Released For the First Time

Detroit has announced the Brisbane Truck Show will see the much‐anticipated engine, the DD16 released for the first time. The most powerful on‐highway engine ever produced by Detroit, the DD16, which will soon be available to Australian customers.

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an even bigger cab from Volvo

An Even Bigger Cab from Volvo

After a number of announcements in the lead up to the Brisbane Truck Show about new bigger cabs being released, there’s now an even bigger cab from Volvo. The new XXL cabin has been unveiled to selected customers in advance of its appearance in Brisbane next week.

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bigger cab unveiled

Bigger Cab Unveiled

At the Brisbane Truck Show later this month a there will be a bigger cab unveiled from Penske Commercial Vehicles, who will debut the all-new, limited edition MAN TGX D38 PerformanceLine.

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electric heavy duty trucks gain momentum

Electric Heavy Duty Trucks Gain Momentum

Electric cars are a hot topic globally, but electric heavy duty trucks gain momentum every week, appearing in the portfolios of all of the major players, plus some newcomers, on the North American truck scene. Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports.

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the rectangular shaped box

The Rectangular Shaped Box

There’s one aspect of large vans that continues basically unchanged across the generations, the rectangular shaped box of varying dimensions that comprises up to three-quarters of the vehicle. Clearly the simple reason is that this shape maximises the cargo carrying volume which is obviously the primary purpose for this type of vehicle.

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magic steering button

Magic Steering Button

Here’s one out of left field from the UK, the magic steering button on an eight-legger MAN tipper. This kind of steering is familiar to the drivers of agricultural gear or a skid steer, but on a truck?

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on Aussie roads

On Aussie Roads

The Australian requirements for a prime mover on Aussie roads are unlike those anywhere else in the world. We are also a relatively small prime mover market in the greater scheme of things, but every truck manufacturer likes to have a photo in their boardroom of their prime mover hauling a road train on a dusty red road in Australia’s outback. It infers ruggedness, durability and strength.

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technology for intelligent trailers

Technology for Intelligent Trailers

The SAF-Holland Group will present the latest technology for intelligent trailers at the Brisbane Truck Show. With the SAF-Holland Group now including industry brand names such as SAF, Holland, Neway, V.Orlandi and York, there is much to see and talk about.

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