The transformation of Japanese designed trucks

The Transformation of Japanese Designed Trucks

The transformation of Japanese designed trucks in the past 10 years shows the influence of European ownership, plus the perceived need by Japanese industry to open up to global ideas has taken hold in Japan. The big four Japanese truck makers no longer make a truck to suit Japanese buyers and then adapt it as an afterthought for export markets, the outside world is part of the initial design scope.

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improved electric power technology

Improved Electric Power Technology

There is much improved electric power technology available on Renault’s entry into the electric van market in Australia with the Kangoo Z.E. It’s extended driving range is largely due to its new 33kWh Z.E. 33 battery. This was developed jointly by Renault and LG Chem and features a significant innovation: upgraded energy density. This means its storage capacity has been increased without any changes to its bulk, so the vehicle’s load carrying capacity is unchanged.

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two all new models from Kenworth

Two All New Models From Kenworth

New trucks from Kenworth don’t come around very often, but this week has seen the release and first drive of two all new models from Kenworth. Diesel got a first look and a first drive around the AARC testing track at Anglesea in Victoria.

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fully formed out of Europe

Fully Formed Out of Europe

The Stralis X-Way range comes fully formed out of Europe after being launched there in 2017. This is another evolutionary development for the Stralis range of trucks, which came into existence back in 2002. 

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Isuzu Trucks is set to shine

Isuzu Trucks is Set to Shine 

Following recent celebrations of achieving 30 consecutive years of national truck market leadership, Isuzu Trucks is set to shine at the Brisbane Truck Show again this year.

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a true Japanese prime mover

A True Japanese Prime Mover

In Australia we have seen plenty of Japanese heavy duty trucks but there has never really been a true Japanese prime mover, with the new Quon from UD, Diesel News reckons we may finally have one.

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a comprehensive Scania array

A Comprehensive Scania Array


At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show a comprehensive Scania array, of the Swedish truck maker’s New Truck Generation range will be on display in public for the first time in Australia.

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